Antec Storm 120, efficient PC case fan

antec storm 120, efficient pc case fan
antec storm 120, efficient pc case fan

The Antec Storm 120 chassis fan comes to join the novelties of this type of computer accessories after discovering a few days ago the new Silent Wings 4 references from be Quiet! In this case, the manufacturer also promises us a high-performance component to solve the cooling of any equipment.

Antec Storm 120, good performance and sober appearance

The firm Antec , specialized mainly in the manufacture of components for the computer, presents us with its new chassis fan reference. It is the Storm 120 model . A functional device, leaving aside the bizarre design to focus on performance and efficiency .

Product characteristics

The very name of the accessory does not leave much room for imagination. So we anticipate that it is a fan with standard measurements of 120 x 120 x 25 mm . The manufacturer has opted for a PWM design for its new model . The fan has a speed of rotation that goes from 600 to 2000 RPM .

Antec Storm 120

Antec Storm 120

With such performance, it can generate a full-velocity airflow of 66.56 CFM with a static pressure of 2.7 mmH2O . It is a good airflow for any equipment, so the product is interesting even for systems where all the cooling is covered with standard devices. In addition, this fan performs its task with a fairly low noise level, since at maximum rotation speed, the manufacturer promises us a noise of only 25.8 dBA .

More details of the Storm 120

The new Antec fan has dynamic fluid bearings , for which the brand guarantees a minimum of 80,000 hours of continuous operation. This represents almost 10 years of work. The product includes some practical anti-vibration rubber pads , which dampen any possible noise in the equipment.

Antec Storm 120

The device uses a 4-pin cable for power, with an elegant sleeve-type design that simulates carbon fiber . This not only improves the aesthetics of the product, but also the durability . As we have indicated, any gaming touch is left out , which RGB enthusiasts may not like. The manufacturer guarantees the product for 3 years . At the moment the price of this model has not been revealed, although the brand’s intention to distribute packs of 2, 3 and 5 units.