DeepCool PK-D, series of reliable sources with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency

deepcool pk d, series of reliable sources with 80 plus bronze efficiency
deepcool pk d, series of reliable sources with 80 plus bronze efficiency

DeepCool PK-D is a new series of power supplies developed by the reliable Asian firm 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency to power computer systems with stability and low noise .

DeepCool PK-D, stability and silent work

The DeepCool company incorporates a new family of power supplies to its interesting catalog of computer components. This is the PK-D series , which is initially made up of references of 550 , 650 and 750W of power.

Product Details

The manufacturer presents us with three models with 80 Plus Bronze certificate , that is, energy efficiency of up to 85 percent is guaranteed. These new sources have an optimized design to favor air flow , avoiding overheating problems in the product and the equipment where they are integrated.

DeepCool PK-D

DeepCool PK-D Series Power Supply

The excellent design, loaded with holes for air circulation, is complemented by a 120 mm fan , of which the manufacturer does not specify technical data.

More information on the DeepCool PK-D series

The manufacturer emphasizes the solidity of his product, starting with the interior elements. The supplies have a dedicated DC-DC converter on the 3.3V and 5V rails which helps achieve tighter voltage regulation and improves system compatibility for the latest generation components.

DeepCool PK-D

The new DeepCool PK-D series of power supplies has all the wiring fixed to the PCB , which reduces the cost of the product. These models have a single +12v line of 45.5A in the 550W reference ; 54A for 650W ; and 62.5A for the 750W model . They have Active PFC ; Taiwanese capacitors ; and the typical protections: SCP , OPP , OTP , OVP , OCP and UVP. All three variants include a pair of 8 +8-pin PCIe connectors for the GPU plus two 8+8-pin EPS connectors for the motherboard. The manufacturer ensures a useful life of at least 100,000 hours of use, guaranteeing the product for 5 years . The recommended retail price is 54.99 euros for the 550W ; 59.99 euros in 650W ; and 69.99 euros for the powerful 750W .