Acer ConceptD 500, powerful desktop for creative projects

Acer Conceptd 500.jpg
Acer Conceptd 500.jpg

A desktop computer Acer ConceptD 500 It can only be defined as an extreme professional tool. When creating the range ConceptD the manufacturer has spared no resources to gather the hardware more advanced in order to achieve speed up the production of contents and that the processes that lead us to the results are fluids. With performance focused on meeting the demands of complex creative projects, choosing one of these teams is an understanding of what is really needed in a business. design studio.

Design, build and configuration of the Acer ConceptD 500

With a clear idea of ​​what type of users the ConceptD, the company Acer makes a special effort to adapt the style of the product. And we must not forget that in a modern study, apart from the performance of the hardware, the team is required to have an integrating design with the environment where it will perform its functions.

Acer ConceptD 500

A desktop for Creatives

Therefore a Acer ConceptD externally it sports a restrained aesthetic, within the minimalist parameters that proliferate in professional tables. The tower is colored White, and presents the rounded corners to give a fluid air to the chassis. The upper part is finished with wood effect, which should not make us forget the functionality with which the Acer has endowed his box. For example, a base for helmets, wave integrated amber light that informs us of the state of the computer without breaking the quality sensation of its style.

Acer ConceptD 500

Retractable headphone holder

The total weight of the tower is 9 kilograms, and all the powerful hardware It is distributed inside a box that measures 43.9 x 20.4 x 47.6 cm.

Acer ConceptD 500 technical details

Built to handle heavy workloads, Acer ConceptD 500 bring together a set of components of powerful performance and advanced technology. Nothing exemplifies this better than the choice of processors and graphics cards arranged by the assembler within each machine. The buyer of one of these computers takes computers with up to a Intel® Core ™ i9 of 9th generation and NVIDIA® Quadro GPUs. A perfect solution for those who need design spectacular images in real time.

Acer ConceptD 500

Impressive configurations with expandability

To support the unlimited potential of that configuration, Acer adds large amounts of memory DDR4 RAM and storage that delivers both speed and capacity. This means that these computers combine SSD and SATA HDD, with up to 64GB memory.

Acer ConceptD 500 connectivity, audio and expansion

Multiple high speed connection ports are included in each of these professional range towers. Are up 10 the ports USB that we have at our disposal, including those of Gen 2 3.1. In one of these computers, a maximum of four 8K displays compatible with HDR through the ports 1.4.

Acer ConceptD 500

Quickly charge Qi-compatible devices without plugging in

Communications include the ethernet Gigabit and Wi-Fi ac. Noteworthy mention deserves the convenient integrated function of wireless charging that allows us to have our compatible devices ready without having to plug them into a wall socket.

Acer ConceptD 500 Desktop Technical Specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details and extras of the computers Acer ConceptD 500:

Acer ConceptD 500
Dimensions 439mm x 204mm x 476mm
Weight 9 kg approx.
  • White, wood effect top (black grille)
  • Integrated amber light on the front
CPU Up to 9th Generation Intel® Core Processors
RAM Up to 64GB DDR4
Capacity SSD and SATA drives of different
SD slot Yes
Optical unit No
OS version Windows 10 Pro
Type 500 watts
Connection ports
  • HDMI
  • Audio input / output
  • LAN
  • USB 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1 / C
Wifi Up to IEEE 802.11ac
LAN Up to 10/100/1000 Gigabit ethernet
Total slots 4
  • Three fans
  • Silent (40 dB)
Smart and practical features
  • Qi-compatible wireless charging
  • Headphone holder
  • Cable management
  • BIOS-level intrusion alert

Acer ConceptD 500 DT.C03EB.005

The initial version with which the range was presented Acer ConceptD 500 corresponds to the reference DT.C03EB.005. The model boasts of muscle, promising a beastly performance when combining in its configuration the impressive processor Intel Core i9-9900K of 8 cores, which reach maximum frequencies of 5 GHz, with the NVIDIA® Quadro RTX ™ 4000 GPU and their 8 GB memory.

Acer ConceptD 500 DT.C03EB.005

Acer ConceptD 500 DT.C03EB.005

This basis is accompanied for the creation of any kind of content with 32 GB from memory DDR4 RAM, and a fantastic storage arrangement consisting of a Serial ATA / 600 HDD with 2 TB capacity and a SSD of 1 TB. The equipment comes with the operating system Windows 10 Pro.

  • High performance processor.
  • Professional graphics card.
  • Excellent storage configuration.
  • Lots of RAM.
  • Great connectivity.

  • High price.

Acer ConceptD 500 DT.C03EB.008

Recently this desktop computer proposal for professional and creative users has expanded its catalog with the inclusion of a new reference by Acer. It’s about the model DT.C03EB.008. A more restrained version of ConceptD 500 that lowers the elements of the hardware to adjust its price to less buoyant budgets. Which is not to say that it is an affordable computer. The CPU computer is replaced by the processor Intel Core i7-9700K, that although it maintains the eight cores, provides slightly lower performance with maximum frequency of 4.9 GHz, and a cache leak that happens to be 12 MB (i9 is 16MB).

Acer ConceptD 500 DT.C03EB.008

Acer ConceptD 500 DT.C03EB.008

The card independent graph It is also modified downwards, as this reference carries a NVIDIA® Quadro P2200 with 5 GB memory. The decline in hardware it also extends to system memory and storage. The combination of disk units offers us a combo of HDD with 1 TB capacity and a SSD of only 256 GB. While the RAM of the team falls by half, having a total of 16 GB. For the rest, the connectivity and the OS they are kept unchanged.

  • High-end processor.
  • Professional freelance graphic.
  • Great connectivity.

  • Limited SSD storage.

Conclusions about the Acer ConceptD 500 computers

There is no doubt that Acer fulfills what was promised with your desktop ConceptD 500. An impressive computer capable of meeting any requirement due to the very high performance demands of the program. It is therefore a great tool for users professionals and creative that require reducing their time periods in the generation of graphics or audiovisual content.

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