Apple Silicon, these are the first three computers with the M1 chip

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Apple Silicon.jpg

After the presentation of the surprising M1 chip, those of Cupertino have announced the first teams that will integrate their Apple Silicon. There are three products that give the starting gun to the processor that hopes to revolutionize the performance of the computers of the bitten apple: MacBook Air; 13 ″ MacBook Pro and Mac mini.

Apple Silicon, the renewal that revolutionizes the power of devices

The enthusiasts of the Californian company will not have to wait too long to acquire their first team powered with the M1 chip. Manzana, after announcing the first three references that carry the Apple Silicon, has indicated that they will be available through the usual channels from November 17 2020.

MacBook Air with the M1

With the integration of the new chip, this equipment becomes 5 times more powerful than with the previous GPU. He MacBook Air not only does it renew your processor, it also removes the fan. Manzana also ensures that it improves up to 3.5 times CPU performance.

MacBook Air

The notebook includes a SSD up to 2x faster than the MacBook Air above, and the performance in machine learning is multiplied by nine. It also comes out gaining autonomy compared to the old model, since now it extends it up to six more hours, reaching up to 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of web browsing. He MacBook Air has a starting price of 1,129 euros.

13 ″ MacBook Pro

Thanks to the new M1 chip the new 13 ″ MacBook Pro achieves the best autonomy of all Macs, in the words of Manzana. The laptop has studio quality microphones, Touch ID, USB-C 4, Wi-Fi 6, screen of 13.3 inch and Magic Keyboard with Touch bar. Since 1,449 euros.

MacBook Pro 13 with M1

Mac mini

With hardly any changes compared to the 2018 model, the Mac mini with M1 chip offer now up to 3 times more CPU power; upgrade up six times the graphics performance; and 15 times the performance in machine learning. It has a fan, although the manufacturer guarantees that it will be very quiet. You will have a 16GB maximum RAM. Its measured starting price is striking, of 799 euros.

Mac mini with Apple Silicon

Via | Manzana