MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU, desktop for first-time gamers

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Msi Mag Codex 5 10sa 074eu.png

The features and performance of a desktop gaming offers are hard to beat by other types of devices. He MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU, with a lower price and less extreme components than the MSI MAG Infinite 10SC-1030EU, is proposed as an excellent starting point for those who want to delve into the possibilities of the world of gamers. A Pc for gamers newbies who don’t want to complicate searching and riding hardware. Let’s see what the MSI 10SA-074EU.

Design and construction of the PC MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

The desktop computer MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU, of M: YES, is presented as a team of solid structure and attractive finish that allows the interior of the machine to be viewed through a tempered glass panel. It has a weight close to 10 kg and the width of the tower touches 20 cm.

MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

Ready to dominate the battlefield

With a height of almost 47 cm and depth of more than 50 cm, the result is a box with 40 liters capacity that allows you to install components without restrictions. Its format ATX gives absolute peace of mind to the user, who will have no problem finding products of the right size.

Optimized cooling

In a Gaming PC It is very important, for the safety of the components and the stability of the system, to have a correct air flow and ventilation in accordance with the power of the computer. Thus, M: YES has conceived for your MAG CODEX 5 an optimal path that supplies fresh air into the machine and does not obstruct the exit of hot air. The result is barrier-free circulation that keeps your computer at the right temperature. The box has a large area dedicated to air intake and a large interior space to install fans. Is a efficient heat dissipation design which prevents the system from overheating at full power.

MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

Optimized air flow

The gaming touch of RGB lighting

He Pc enhance your minimalist style with customizable system touches Mystic Light RGB LED. A very striking and exclusive lighting from M: YES, which gives a point of color to the front of the box. The user has in his hands and likes the way the team looks by choosing between millions of color combinations, and lots of visual effects. It does not represent any complication, since the manufacturer allows, through a simple interface, to manage the LEDs, which can also be synchronized with other compatible elements.

MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

Mystic light

Technical details of the PC MSI 10SA-074EU

Like any Pc gaming, he MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU gather a hardware advanced with the ability to deliver high performance. The starting point of its configuration is a modern processor Intel® Core ™ i5-10400F. It’s about a CPU of tenth generation, with 6 cores and 12 MB cache, which reaches frequencies of 4.3 GHz. It is accompanied by a current and developed graphics card NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 with 4GB memory. With this GPU and the capacity of the processor, the user is assured of a great performance at the graphic level both in video games and in design programs.

MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

Latest generation hardware

How is an entry-level computer for gaming, is satisfied with 8 GB of RAM Ddr4, but your system is capable of managing up to 64 GB between the two slots that has the motherboard. Where we will not be scarce is in storage. And is that the manufacturer has installed a HDD of 3 TB. The desktop comes standard with the operating system Windows 10 Home 64 Bit, so you can have the equipment up and running in a few minutes, and playing almost out of the box.

Communications and audio

We are sure that one of the best aspects of this model is the great connection options with which the manufacturer has equipped the computer gaming. M: YES provides excellent connectivity by incorporating the most advanced technologies in its field. He MSI Codex 5 10SA-074EUApart from being able to communicate by cable network through the integrated controller at high speeds and guarantee of stability, it has a wireless system of the best. The computer has wireless access Bluetooth 5.1 and the latest standard, the Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax (2 × 2), which increases the speed, signal range and reliability of transmissions.

MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

Stability, reliability and higher speed

Sound quality is another element excellently treated by M: YES on your table tops. The brand has reinforced the audio, so that the user has at their disposal the optimal way to listen to the sound. It has managed to improve the audio details a 30% with a Power amplifier built-in, in addition to installing gold audio connectors.

PC gaming inputs and outputs

The connective possibilities of MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU they are at the level expected of an extreme use computer. The box takes advantage of its ample space to include a large number of connectors that allow us to use any peripheral we need. A great number of USBs They are distributed between the front and rear of the chassis. Of them stand out those of Type C, or those mentioned audio connectors, to enjoy a 7.1 sound system. Of course, there are several video outputs: the universal ones HDMI and some DP which includes the graphics card.

MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

Number and variety of ports

Technical data of the PC MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

The specifications of this computer gaming MSI 10SA-074EU are as follows:

MSI Codex 5 10SA-074EU
Dimensions with base 195mm x 514.8mm x 466mm
Weight 9.42 Kg
Chassis capacity 40 L
Colors Black with RGB lighting
CPU Intel® Core ™ i5-10400F (2.90 GHz up to 4.30 GHz / 6 cores / 12 MB Cache)
TDP 65 W
RAM 8 GB (one module)
RAM memory type Up to 64GB
Memory slots 2
Storage HDD 3 TB
Total slots
  • 3.5 x 2
  • 2.5 ″ HDD / SSD x 2
  • M.2 SSD x 1
Card reader No
Optical unit No
OS version Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
Connection ports
  • USB:
    • 2 x 2.0 Type A
    • 1 x 3.2 Gen 1 Type C
  • Microphone input x 1 / Headphone output x 1 (3.5mm jack)
  • USB:
    • 2 x 3.2 Gen 1 Type A
    • 4 x 2.0 Type A
  • VGA x 1
  • HDM 1.4 x 1
  • RJ-45
  • Graphics: DL-DVI-D, HDMI, DP, EP6
CPU Air Cooling 65 W
Wifi 802.11ax 2 × 2
LAN Intel® I219V ethernet (10/100/1000)
Bluetooth 5.1
Audio HD 7.1 channels
illumination Mystic Light RGB LED
Power supply 500 watts

Conclusions, availability and price of MSI Codex 5 10SA-074EU

MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU

A fantastic desktop gaming PC

As Pc gaming, he MSI MAG Codex 5 10SA-074EU it meets practically all the requirements that are sought in this type of computer. The box provides the personality that a playground equipment is supposed to do, and allows a convenient access to components and facilitates modification configuration. Meanwhile he hardware willing is more than adequate for the price of the product, and ensures a remarkable performance in any task. In short, a great desktop for enjoy the passion for video games.

  • Gamer design and flexibility for extensions.
  • Modern hardware and powerful configuration.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • Wireless connection.
  • Includes windows.

  • Very fair RAM.

7.5 Total score

CPU performance
GPU performance
Power supply
Design and build
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