Eaton 3S Mini UPS, we tested this device with 2200 mAh battery

eaton 3s mini ups, we tested this device with 2200 mah battery
eaton 3s mini ups, we tested this device with 2200 mah battery

The Eaton 3S Mini UPS  is a compact uninterruptible power supply designed to save us when the electrical network fails. The manufacturer has had the courtesy of sending one of these units to our newsroom, so we are going to share with you the experience of using the small UPS . We encourage you to discover the usefulness of the Eaton product through the review . An ideal accessory to keep critical system devices always active, such as a FRITZ!Box 4060 router .

Presentation of the Eaton 3S Mini UPS

The small 3S Mini is a practical UPS from the Eaton brand , dedicated to producing a wide range of products and services. The company offers everything from fuel-efficient systems to power chain management tools and components that safely guide commercial aircraft. It may be surprising that managing at such levels, the firm has in its catalog a device, a priori, so simple. But Eaton distinguishes itself by finding new ways to increase the value of the products and services they offer to users.

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

A practical and illustrative presentation of the capabilities of the product

The Eaton product comes to us in a simple box that is no different from any accessory that we can find on the shelves of a computer store. The packaging has a bright white background , where the blue color provides the necessary contrast to break the monotony of the design. The front of the box presents a reduced-scale image of the UPS , profusely surrounded by texts, all in English , that point out salient aspects of the device.

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

Detailed device information on the front of the box

On the front of the box, the manufacturer has arranged a kind of mini-guide of the device. Eaton exposes, in a very graphic way, how the UPS is connected and works , in addition to showing us some of the elements contained in the package. The box has a simple upper opening, after cutting the adhesive seal that keeps it closed. A cardboard separator keeps the elements contained inside safe from friction between them. Inside we find the UPS in question; an envelope with several barrel-type connectors ; the power input cable ; and a quick guide booklet .

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

Accessories included with the small UPS

3S Mini Design

When extracting the UPS Eaton 3S Mini we like the sensations that the product transmits. The quality of the accessory is appreciable , and it is surprising to be much more compact than we supposed. It is not a heavy device, but it is felt. The device weighs 370 grams , so it is easy to carry around. The tower format with rounded edges, designed to be placed horizontally , is concentrated in rectangular dimensions of 13.6 cm deep , 3 cm high , and 9.5 cm wide .

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

Compact and elegant design

The device sports an attractive appearance by combining the strong contrast of white with black in the halves of its chassis. The casing is made of plastic , and the manufacturer’s logo stands alone on the top. On the front it has, turned towards the extreme left, a set of LEDs and the only UPS button . Just below each of these elements are engraved the symbols that indicate the function and the voltage . The truth is that being in the black part of the chassis, it is difficult to appreciate them.

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

Rubber feet on the base that prevent slippage

On the opposite side of the button and lights is the connector for the power cable. The power cable for the other devices also comes out of this area. It is a fixed cable, unlike the one that connects the UPS to the electrical network. Finally, if we turn the device over, we will discover that small rubber feet have been placed on the base to ensure its location on any surface.

Device Features and Functionalities

The Eaton 3S Mini UPS is intended to keep a critical appliance running when a power outage occurs, long enough to weather the situation. Compared to the usual proposals, this model is distinguished by its small format, which allows it to be installed in limited spaces, and its very silent operation .

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

The button acts as a voltage selector

Of course, due to its small size, its use is limited to the field of peripherals with low consumption. The UPS offers us a power of 36 W , with the possibility of adapting the output voltage to 9V , 12V , 15V and 19V , with a maximum intensity of 3A . Inside it has a 2,200 mAh Li – Ion battery , capable of holding simple devices such as an IP camera for up to 5 hours , or keeping a router active for around 40 minutes .

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

The cable head prepared to exchange the barrel-type connectors

This device is very easy to use. First we select among the included connectors the plug that adapts to the device that we are going to feed. When turning on the UPS , we choose the appropriate voltage by pressing the button, until the LED that marks it lights up, and everything is ready so that when the power fails, the 3S Mini battery comes into play .

Technical specifications of the UPS Eaton 3S Mini

Here is a summary table with all the technical details and extras of the Eaton 3S Mini UPS :

Reference 3SM36
Dimensions (D x H x W) 136 x 30 x 95mm
Weight 370 grams
Cable length 1m
Colour Black White
User interface LEDs
  • EC
  • IEC/EN 62040-2
  • IEC62477-1 / 62040-5-3
Special features
  • The attractive design and elegant finish make the 3S fit into a modern office environment.
  • Compact unit that fits on or under your desk
  • 4 barrel adapters to connect your device
  • LED indicator that provides information on output voltage or remaining battery capacity
  • Battery 2200 mAh (2 cells)
Power 36W
Output voltages and currents (DC)
  • 9V – 3A
  • 12V – 3A
  • 15V – 2.4A
  • 19V – 1.89A
typical range
  • Router: 40 minutes
  • Security camera: 120 minutes
external design Tower
Feed Type one
  • Type: AC/DC
  • Input Nominal: Default 230V (220/230/240V)
  • Input: 100V (min.) / 240V (max.)
  • Output Rating: 9V (12/15/19V)
  • Output: 12V (min.) / 19V (max.)
Input voltage range 100 – 240V
Nominal frecuency 50/60Hz
Input frequency range 46 – 70Hz
Battery Type Lithium Ion (user replaceable)
Battery Rating 2200mAh
Number of batteries two
Performance 78
Type of construction Independent model
Topology Out of line
Reserve time 30 min
Receptacle (4) Barrel connection adapters
input phase one
Noise level Less than 25 dB at 1 meter
Autonomy time at full load 11 minutes
Box contents
  • UPS
  • Input Cable
  • (4) Barrel connection adapters
  • Quick Start Guide

Conclusions, availability and price of the UPS Eaton 3S Mini

UPS Eaton 3S Mini

The Eaton 3S Mini UPS is an ally with multiple applications

The Eaton 3S Mini UPS is a really simple to use and tremendously useful product. It is not necessary, at this point, to point out the advantages of having the support of an uninterruptible power supply , no matter how sure we are of the stability of our electrical installation. Teleworkers will be able to stay connected long enough to overcome any unforeseen event, just as we will be sure that our smart devices or surveillance devices are still active even at critical moments .

To the Eaton 3S Mini UPS , for its functionality and number of uses , we awarded our Gold .



  • Versatile and functional.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact design.
  • Only for small devices.