GameSir X2, the ultimate controller to play on your mobile device

gamesir x2, the ultimate controller to play on your mobile device
gamesir x2, the ultimate controller to play on your mobile device

It is no surprise that millions of users around the world use their smartphones to play games every day, so the search for accessories that perfect the experience and bring it closer to traditional gaming has several dedicated brands in the market . . For example, if it comes to physical controls, GameSir X2 should be highlighted .

GameSir X2 is a mobile gamepad that turns any smartphone into a small handheld console with all the conventional physical buttons you recognize. Thanks to its two models for sale, one designed for iOS devices and the other for Android , all users of the phone spectrum can take full advantage of its features.

Features of Game Sir X2

Make model Game Sir X2
Materials PC+ABS
Colour White with black details
connections Lightning or USB-C depending on the model
Size of phones allowed X2 Type-C: Up to 167mm
X2 Lightning: Up to 173mm
Compatibility Android, iOS and CloudGaming
Battery No
Autonomy About six hours of heavy use
wireless connectivity No
Accessories GameSir X2, user manual, carrying case, 2 pairs of silicone covers for analogs
Official site GameSir

A modern and complete design

Game Sir X2

GameSir X2 Type-C design from both sides

Starting with what can be seen at first glance, a design has been chosen that is already common in the world of portable consoles and that can easily be related to the style of the Nintendo Switch , just to mention a current model on the market. Its marketing is given in white with some black details on its buttons and rear grip.

One of the great points in favor is the inclusion of a “grip” or rear grip on the lower part of the device that has a different texture and that gives better sensations when making contact with the palm of the hands. This favors superior ergonomics after long periods of use as well as preventing slipping if one suffers from perspiration on the hands.

With regard to its buttons, there is availability of the usual A, B, Y, X as well as small accesses to “Menu” and “options”. Logically on its upper frame are the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons, while the two analog ones have support for pressing and thus enable the R3 and L3 actions , so even the most recent consoles on the market could be emulated and played. with this command.

If there is a negative point in the construction of GameSir X2 that shows that the manufacturer has followed the design of the latest Nintendo console, it is the absence of a traditional crosshead . Instead there are four small buttons dedicated to each direction, which doesn’t give the same gaming experience, especially when playing classic games.

Wireless-free operation

Game Sir X2

GameSir X2 fits the size of your phone

There is a big difference in the performance of this device with the vast majority of compatible mobile controls, because on this occasion Bluetooth connectivity is not used to synchronize with the phone . This not only allows the terminal to achieve more battery life but also avoids any possibility of input lag when pressing the buttons.

Thus, on the internal left side frame of GameSir X2 there is a physical port to connect the mobile device, including two models for sale that change their inputs to be compatible with Android or iOS. Then, to avoid size differences between different Smartphones, you can fold or extend the space to place a phone up to a maximum of 173 mm.

Inside this model, a battery has not been included inside, so you only have to worry about the remaining power of the mobile to continue playing. According to the manufacturer’s official figures, with a phone with a 3000 mAh capacity Lithium-Ion battery, the controller consumes around only six ten thousandths of its power per hour . The manufacturer has previously shown very good autonomy results in its controls, such is the case of GameSir T3 with energy for up to 40 hours.

Differences between its two versions: GameSir X2 Type C and GameSir X2 Lightning

GameSir X2 Lightning

GameSir X2 Lightning focuses on users with iPhones

To avoid confusion when buying this model, it should be noted that the GameSir X2 Lightning is available (compatible for iOS devices that logically use this type of connector) and the GameSir X2 Type C for use with the latest Android phones and presence of an adjustable port in a range of 51º to avoid possible damages after constantly connecting and disconnecting the terminal over time.

Although the design remains the same, there are not only differences in the aforementioned ports, since the GameSir X2 Lightning has support for an extension of 173 mm and has a customizable “Turbo” mode with three speeds among its buttons to facilitate pressing in games. of frenetic action without having to tire your hand.

In the case of GameSir X2 Type C, its supported extension goes down to a maximum of 167mm , in addition to removing said “Turbo” button from its configuration and replacing it with an instant screenshot shortcut .

  • Modern and easy to use design
  • It has all the conventional buttons
  • Can be extended for use with phones of different sizes
  • It has compatible models for Android and iOS
  • Does not include a classic crosshead for more comfort with classic games