GELID GALE EXTREME, a brutal fan for computer mining

gelid gale extreme, a brutal fan for computer mining
gelid gale extreme, a brutal fan for computer mining

GELID GALE EXTREME is a fan developed for the extreme demands of mining equipment . A device capable of reaching impressive speed to keep high-performance systems stable.

GELID GALE EXTREME, incomparable performance

The firm Gelid , specialized in computer cooling solutions, presents us with a new case fan reference for PC computers . It is a product designed to cover the extreme potential of cryptocurrency mining systems . For this reason, the product is called  GALE EXTREME .

Device Features

Mining work stresses the hardware and consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, the heat usually generated by any computer equipment is much higher in this type of system. The new GELID GALE EXTREME fans claim to be the best option to deal with that problem.



This is a product for a machine that requires a large amount of air circulation to prevent overheating. The Gelid reference is presented as a 120mm PWM fan with a thickness of 38mm capable of providing great cooling power. This accessory has a weight of 277 grams ; and it has 7 blades , which are kept behind a metal grid to protect the integrity around it.

fan details

The brand new product has a rotation speed ranging from 500 RPM to 6,000 RPM . The unusual power is logically reflected in the noise level, which reaches a maximum of 60 dBA .


This extreme device promises a maximum airflow of 195 CFM at 6,000 RPM . Regarding static pressure, the fan reaches a value of 24 mmH2O , without competition in the market. Note that the device has a maximum consumption of 33.6 W at maximum revolutions. The manufacturer guarantees it for 3 years . Those interested can find it on the official website at a promotional price of $24.99 .