How to program a universal remote in a few steps

how to program a universal remote in a few steps
how to program a universal remote in a few steps

Although each television continues to arrive from the factory with its own controls and many of them add exclusive intelligent functions such as direct access to Apps, support for voice commands and even emulate the actions of a mouse, luckily it is still possible to control them through accessories of third parties . Of course, the necessary actions may vary according to each case and that is why it is worth reviewing how to program a universal remote.

In addition to including support for televisions from the most recognized global brands, a universal remote can also be synchronized with other types of devices in the home , such as multimedia players, consoles, cable television boxes and even audio devices. , so it is possible to control everything from a single remote control to simplify consumption in the home.

Tips for programming a universal remote

Universal control

The process hardly changes between the different universal remotes

Of course, not all universal remotes are made with the same key layout and the synchronization process may vary between models. However, in all of them the same essence usually coincides, which corresponds to the direct introduction of codes, or failing that, in the automatic search for them.

To begin pairing , make sure the remote has working batteries and that the TV is plugged in as well as turned on . Everything can take several minutes to complete and you have to be clear about the steps beforehand, otherwise a long wait can generate interruptions in the signal between the TV and the remote that forces you to have to start everything from scratch.

A universal remote has input buttons divided according to the device, such as TV, Audio or video player. The number of them will change depending on the model, although if you cannot find one specifically dedicated to the device you are trying to pair, do not be alarmed, because you can always synchronize it with another of the available buttons that are not currently in use ( you just have to remember later which of them was chosen).

Synchronize via codes

In case the universal remote does not arrive with a list of codes for different brands, it is always possible to search the Internet and find traditional figures that work in most models for sale as well as tutorials such as programming a spectrum control in Spanish or other types of popular devices.

Generally, you have to press the “Configure” or “Entry” button until you see the remote flash its LED light to start the process. Subsequently, it remains to choose the correct button for the type of device to be synchronized and it will be seen as a red light that will turn on and remain on.

The remaining process is to include the famous code to program a universal remote, which is always four digits (on some remotes you also have to hold down a # button). The remote control light should turn off after entering the last number and it only remains to check if you can now manage the actions of the TV. If you have not succeeded, restart the synchronization with another code.

It is worth mentioning that there is also a way for the remote to enter automatic codes until one of them works. The process is the same until the moment of including the code manually, because this time you have to press the “Power” button and release it to later see how the LED light on the remote flashes several times and remains on once it has finished transmitting. the codes.

If after that the television turns off, it means that it has found a code that works , but if it has not been able to find it, you have to press the volume up button once for it to send the next group of codes (usually ten per time). This action can be repeated, allowing about three seconds to pass between each press until it achieves synchronization.