ID-COOLING IS-47S, a low profile and high performance cooler

id cooling is 47s, a low profile and high performance cooler
id cooling is 47s, a low profile and high performance cooler

ID-COOLING IS-47S is a new option to cool the processor of a compact system. This heatsink, with a low profile design , promises the high performance necessary for the computer of everything you have.

ID-COOLING IS-47S, very compact and efficient refrigerator

The ID-COOLING firm , with an extensive catalog of refrigeration components, presents the IS-47S reference . A heatsink in the same vein as the IS-30 , as it has been built to fit into smaller computers.

Product characteristics

This brand new accessory seeks to be the solution for compact systems that offer high performance. The cooler is presented to us as a cooling system of only 47 mm in height (35 mm discounting the fan). The component has a radiator made up of 53 aluminum fins .



The heatsink block is crossed by four 6mm thick copper heat pipes , which focus their path on the dense base that contacts the CPU . It is also made of copper, which guarantees maximum heat transfer. This model has a weight of 450 grams .

More details of the heatsink

The product looks superb, as the manufacturer chose a black cover for all the elements. Above the radiator is a 92mm PWM fan with a rotational speed of 800 to 3600 RPM . It is capable of generating an airflow of up to 40 CFM with a static pressure of 2.28 mmH2O . The noise level at full capacity is 35.8 dBA .


The manufacturer uses the FROST X25   compound with a thermal conductivity of 10.5 W/mK with the cooler . All added together they make the device a valid heatsink for processors with a TDP of up to 95 W. The ID-COOLING IS-47S is compatible with Intel LGA1700 processors ; LGA1200 ; LGA115X ; and AMD AM4 . In addition, thanks to its dimensions it is possible to install any RAM memory module without the risk of tripping over the DIMM slots .