Logitech G502 X, range of gaming mice to renew a classic

logitech g502 x, range of gaming mice to renew a classic
logitech g502 x, range of gaming mice to renew a classic

Logitech G502 X is the brand new range of gaming mice presented by the emblematic peripheral company. The manufacturer takes up a mythical reference and updates it with a whole battery of innovations to win over players and the competitive field of play.

Logitech G502 X, speed and precision

The Logitech G gaming division launches the renewal in the range of gaming mice G502 . We now know them as Logitech G502 X , and they hit the market as a set of three references: G502 X , with cable; G502 LIGHTSPEED , wireless; and G502 X PLUS , with ARGB lighting .

Product Features

In general, the trio of new mice share specifications and design. The difference lies basically in connectivity and aesthetic additions. In the G502 X , the Hero 25K sensor with a resolution of up to 25,600 DPI has been arranged ; sampling rate up to 400 IPS ; and ability to recognize movements up to 40G .

Logitech G502X

Logitech G502X

The mice have LIGHTFORCE switches with a hybrid design on the main buttons : optical and mechanical. With this, the manufacturer gives us the speed of an optical sensor and the click sensation of a mechanical switch .

More details of the mice

Even having the same measurements: 131.4 x 79.2 x 41.1 mm ; There are weight differences between them. The corded model weighs 89 grams ; the wireless LIGHTSPEED goes up to approximately 100 grams by integrating a battery with up to 140 hours of autonomy; and the luminous G502 X PLUS weighs in at 106 grams , thanks to an 8-zone RGB LED lighting system .

Logitech G502X

These peripherals have 13 programmable controls ; storage to save up to 5 profiles ; and Teflon feet . Wireless charging is done through the USB-C port . Prices start from the Logitech G502 X at 81.99 euros ; while the G502 X LIGHTSPEED starts at 155 euros and the G502 X PLUS goes up to 175 euros . The user can choose between black or white finish.