Maono HD300, we tested this dynamic cardioid handheld microphone

maono hd300, we tested this dynamic cardioid handheld microphone
maono hd300, we tested this dynamic cardioid handheld microphone

The Maono HD300 is a professional   grade microphone capable of covering multiple needs, for recording and live broadcasts . In line with references such as the Razer Seiren V2 Pro , which passed through our office not long ago, it offers versatility of use, due to its features and connectivity . The manufacturer has temporarily given us this interesting peripheral. We appreciate the courtesy and great confidence in our website . After testing this Maono microphone , we reveal all the details of the product and the user experience.

Presentation, design and construction of the Maono HD300 microphone

Maono ‘s HD300 is all about recording high-quality sound without the hassle and need of plug-ins. It ‘sa versatile microphone for content creation , work , gaming and even music production .

Hand HD300

Maono’s HD300 is a professional looking microphone

Maono HD300 Packaging

The product arrives in an attractive box. The packaging of the Maono HD300 is colorful, combining black and an orange hue to attract the user’s attention. The front shows an image of the device fully armed and ready for the task. A text, with large fonts, indicates the type of product contained in the package.

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The box that presents the product conveys good feelings

Hand HD300

Very complete details of the device on the front of the box (in English)

On the front of the box, the manufacturer presents the enlarged details of the device. The text, all written in English, is accompanied by explanatory images and graphics. Likewise, on the sides of the package we have a set of icons that highlight key qualities of the product.

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The content is well protected and separated inside the box

Inside the package, a cradle made of synthetic material collects the HD300 microphone in separate holes ; the different pieces of the support ; a pair of connection cables ; pop filter ; and a manual without a section in Spanish.

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The device, a pair of connection cables and its manual

Hand HD300

A table stand and Pop filter are included

microphone design

The HD300 has the classic handheld microphone look . Maono has designed his device with a long handle topped with a grid head that widens slightly and then narrows a bit again. The device has a black finish and is approximately 19 cm long . The diameter ranges from about 3 cm in the narrowest area to 5 cm in the thickest. It is a device that is felt in the hand, but surprisingly it only weighs about 260 grams .

Hand HD300

The HD300 has the classic handheld microphone design.

The manufacturer can boast of the quality of his product. Maono gives us a peripheral made almost entirely of metal , which has few plastic elements , most of these in the support included with the microphone. The base of the support is a solid piece of metal , lightened in part by hollowing out the contact area with the table. The support holds the device with rubber bands , which dampen the vibrations of any blow that could interfere with the transmission. Tilt and height can be adjusted .

Hand HD300

Metal construction to extend the life of the device

The microphone has all the connectors on the base: USB-C port ; 3.5mm jack ; _ and XLR output . Additionally, it includes a power switch and a pair of volume buttons .

Features of the Maono HD300

Among the attractions of the device, along with the good  qualities of the microphone itself, is the simplicity of use . We will not need to install any software to use it. In the computer, it is the system itself that recognizes the peripheral instantly when we connect it.

Hand HD300

Ideal for content creators, podcasters, recording and live streaming

device connectivity

This microphone is perfectly compatible with Windows  and Mac computers . It comes out of the box ready to use, since we only have to attach the USB cable to the type C input on the microphone and the type A connector , on the opposite end, on our equipment. This cable, thick and resistant, gives us enough margin to arrange the perfect location of use with its 2 meters in length.

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Two connection options and jack for monitoring with headphones

Although it is not the only possibility of connecting the device, since it has an analog XLR output , for those who have a mixer. In addition, it has a 3.5 mm jack where you can connect headphones to monitor in real time what the microphone picks up. It is a possibility available only when we connect it via a USB port , and it even allows us to regulate the volume of the output on the headphones directly with the controls integrated into the device.

microphone quality

With this device we have the possibility of capturing and recording our voice with great clarity in professional quality . Being a  cardioid microphone , with a sampling frequency of up to 48 KHz and a 16 bit rate, the sound obtains natural and warm tones . Although its technical specifications do not reach what other manufacturers offer, the result of the recordings is very good.

Hand HD300

Controls accessible and always at hand on the device itself

We’ve seen no distortion in testing, where voice samples are smooth and amazingly free of interference or noise. Due to the capsule used, the microphone mainly only captures the sound in front of it , which greatly reduces background noise , and you have to be quite close to the device to capture at a good level.

Technical specifications of the Maono HD300 microphone

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the Maono HD300 microphone :

Diameter 3cm to 5cm approx.
Length 19cm approx.
Weight 260 grams approx. (only the microphone)
Color Black
  • Microphone: Metal
  • Support: Plastic and metal
cable length
  • USB: 2m approx.
  • XLR: 2.5m approx.
main features
  • Professional handheld dynamic microphone with USB/XLR dual-mode output
  • Zero Latency Monitoring and Volume Control in USB mode
  • made of metal
Required energy USB 5V
Sampling frequency 44.1/48KHz
bit rate 16 bit
Capsule dynamic microphone
fleece pattern cardioid microphone
response frequency 40Hz – 17kHz
Departures USB-C and XLR
monitoring 3.5 mm headphone jack (30 mW / 32 Ohms)
  • On/off switch
  • volume level
Indicators 1 LED
System Requirements
  • windows 7/8/10
  • Mac OSX
  • USB port
Package content
  • handheld microphone
  • table stand
  • Cables:
    • USB-C to USB-A
    • XLR
  • pop filter
  • User Manual (English / German)

Conclusions, availability and price of the Maono HD300

Hand HD300

The Maono HD300 is a quality and very versatile microphone

The Maono HD300 microphone is a quality product that stands out for its versatility . This allows us a great variety of use in the studio , being able to use it to create content of any kind, live broadcasts and even make our artistic first steps musically and singing. It is a well-manufactured device , and simple to use , so it is suitable for all types of users. And most importantly, good results are obtained in the recordings without complicating ourselves. You have it available at the best price on the Maono website .

We have enjoyed testing the Maono HD300 microphone , discovering a good quality product worthy of our Golden Award .


  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Good sound level on recording.
  • Pretty complete connectivity.
  • Quality of product finishes.
  • Too classic and sober design.
  • Improved support.