Razer Barracuda, we tested the hybrid wireless gaming headset

razer barracuda, we tested the hybrid wireless gaming headset
razer barracuda, we tested the hybrid wireless gaming headset

The Razer Barracuda are headphones created for the most gamers among gamers. After testing the Blackshark V2 Pro , the world’s leading gaming brand has given us the opportunity to experiment with one of its most versatile references. Of course, we thank Razer for this new courtesy and invite you to discover how their product is capable of radically changing your sound experience.

Presentation, design and construction of the Razer Barracuda headset

Razer ‘s Barracuda gaming headset is a device for cross- platform users who don’t want to part with their headset for a minute. A product designed to be enjoyed inside and outside the home , connected to all kinds of devices.

Razer Barracuda

Razer Barracuda

product box

The Razer Barracuda arrive in the typical brand box, with a striking design and good materials. A packaging that makes the company’s products stand out in any stand, with its dazzling and emblematic acid green tone.

Razer Barracuda

Front view of the headset package

On the back of the box there is a diagram of the headset that details in depth the most relevant aspects of the product. As always, the text only appears written in English . The other languages, including Spanish, have some small letters and short lines where the qualities of the device are summarized.

Razer Barracuda

The back of the box is used to break down all the details of the product


Inside the package we have everything necessary to use the Razer Barracuda to our liking. Basic wireless USB receiver ; accompanied by several cables: charging ; 3.5mm ; and even USB port adapter . There is no lack of a brief  manual with a section in Spanish; welcome cards ; and the usual stickers .

Razer Barracuda

Wireless dongle and miscellaneous cables included with the headset

headphone design

The Razer Barracuda headphones look similar to the rest of the company’s premium models . The helmets have oval cups and pads , joined together by a padded headband that holds them pleasantly on top of the head. The headband is extensible , to adapt it to the diameter that is most comfortable for the user.

Razer Barracuda

Barracuda sport a classic, sleek, premium-looking design

To highlight the adjusted weight of the device, since its 300 grams do not saturate when wearing them in long gaming sessions. Plus, comfortable  ear cushions filled with ultra-soft FlowKnit memory foam ; and covered with a breathable fabric , they prolong the sensation of comfort, inviting you to continue enjoying the product. Note that they completely cover the ears , giving an effect of isolation from the environment .

Razer Barracuda

Ultra-soft Flowknit memory foam ear cushions

The  controls and headphone connection ports are mostly concentrated on the left dome. On that side we have the 3.5mm jack input ; USB port to charge the battery; the volume control ; power button and switch to mute the microphone . On the right is the button, which we will call SmartSwitch .

Razer Barracuda

Essential controls grouped in the left dome

Features of the Razer Barracuda headset

The Razer Barracuda is designed to play everywhere. But it is that they not only allow us to enjoy excellent sound in video games, they also have great advantages in other types of applications that use voice transmission . For example, answer calls from the smartphone . Let’s review its qualities in detail.


What differentiates this proposal from others from Razer is precisely the hybrid connection system . It is not new to find multi- platform headphones , the methods used are not even unique. However, the Razer Barracuda boasts the exclusive SmartSwitch , a way that allows you to connect the product to a 2.4 GHz device and another Bluetooth device at the same time, being able to easily and comfortably switch between both wireless modes. Just press a button to switch between audio sources.

Razer Barracuda

USB-C dongle to take advantage of Razer Hyperspeed Wireless 2.4 GHz technology on PC and Console

In addition, it is capable of automatically answering calls from the smartphone and then returning to game audio so that we do not have to remove our headphones. But pay attention, to avoid interruptions in the games, with the Razer Audio app on mobile, we only have to activate the do not disturb mode and focus on the fun. Note that the Barracuda can also be used with the traditional 3.5mm jack cable connection to  any device . By the way, the model integrates a generous battery capable of keeping the headphones active for up to 40 hours of use without pauses.

sound quality

Yes, the connection technology of this model is fantastic, what to say about the audio. The sound level of this product bears no resemblance to anything we have tested before, outside of the Razer brand . The Barracuda headset features its proprietary Razer Triforce titanium-coated diaphragms . Thanks to this, you can enjoy a dynamic and incredibly immersive experience . In their 50 mm Triforce drivers they have managed to enhance treble, midrange and bass , managing to reproduce a clear sound that recreates every moment in games, movies and music in a way bright .

Razer Barracuda

50mm Razer Triforce Titanium Drivers

Added to this is the THX Spatial audio technology , which from the computer allows us to immerse ourselves in each situation through highly accurate positional sound and realistic acoustics . We will have all kinds of settings to enjoy this advantage to the liking, but also simple options to enjoy, for example, a realistic immersion or play with a greater spatial perception to locate enemies without even seeing them.

Razer Barracuda

Hidden dual microphones with noise cancellation and beam technology

The Barracuda have built- in microphones developed for more than clear, ultra -clear voice pickup . Hidden in the device itself, they have noise suppression , with adjustable levels through the manufacturer’s applications. Along with this aspect, the beamforming technology they have manages to capture our voice clearly in any environment.

Razer Barracuda

Razer Synapse allows us on the PC to regulate the parameters of the device, including noise cancellation, and enjoy the THX SPATIAL AUDIO

Technical specifications of the Razer Barracuda headset

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the Razer Barracuda gaming headset :

Minimun height 20cm approx.
Width 16cm approx.
Depth 9.5cm approx.
Pad inner diameter 62mm x 42mm
Weight 300g
Color Black
  • Brushed stainless steel extension
  • Plush padded faux fur to minimize pressure on the head
response frequency 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance 32Ω at 1kHz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz 96 dB SPL/mW at 1 KHz via Head and Torso Simulator (HATS)
Diaphragms 50mm Razer™ TriForce Titanium
  • oval
  • Ultra-soft breathable flowknit memory foam that relieves pressure
Connection type Wireless with USB type C (2.4 GHz), Bluetooth 5.2 and analog 3.5 mm
Style Dual ECM and integrated with noise cancellation and beamforming technology
response frequency 100Hz – 10kHz
signal to noise ratio ≥65dB
Sensitivity at 1 kHz -38±3dB
pickup pattern Omnidirectional
  • PC (USB Type C 2.4 Ghz and Bluetooth 5.2)
  • PlayStation (USB Type A to USB Type C 2.4 GHz)
  • Mobile devices (compatible with USB Type C or Bluetooth 5.2)
Noise Cancellation Passive noise isolation
Controls on the headset
  • Volume increase/decrease
  • Microphone mute on/off switch
  • 2.4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth switch (SmartSwitch)
THX Spatial Audio Precise positional audio in a 360-degree sphere
Drums up to 40 hours
  • Headphones
  • Wireless Type-C Dongle
  • Cables:
    • Type-C charging
    • Type A to C Adapter
    • combo 3.5mm

Conclusions, availability and price of the Razer Barracuda gaming headset

Razer Barracuda

Great accessory to have the best audio anywhere and on any device

The Barracuda  headset is a great accessory for gamers and sound enthusiasts. Each of its features are designed to provide a round listening experience. The sound quality is undeniable, and the voice transmission is second to none thanks to noise cancellation . In addition, the possibility of switching between its wireless connectivity simply by pressing a button is a facility that once you have tried it, you cannot do without it. Without forgetting the THX sound , which allows us to enjoy a totally immersive universe on the computer .

After verifying the excellent qualities of the Razer Barracuda hybrid gaming headset , we award it the Golden Award .



  • Great sound.
  • Very complete connectivity.
  • Long battery life.
  • Comfortable and very comfortable.
  • Noise-canceling microphones.
  • No customizable RGB.
  • High price.