Roccat Burst Pro Air, a light mouse to succeed as a gamer

roccat burst pro air, a light mouse to succeed as a gamer
roccat burst pro air, a light mouse to succeed as a gamer

Roccat Burst Pro Air is a new mouse proposal for extreme gamersA device that stands out for its lightness, but that brings together other qualities that are as interesting as it is advanced, to sweep the game.

Roccat Burst Pro Air, an impressive gaming mouse

The specialized firm Roccat , with an increasingly wide catalog of peripherals for gamers, has presented its new Burst Pro Air mouse . A device that picks up the baton from the Burst Pro , launched in 2020, to optimize its performance. The key is to provide it with wireless connectivity, and achieve complete freedom on the playing surface.

Product characteristics

Roccat ‘s brand new Burst Pro Air comes in as a wireless mouse weighing just 81 grams . The device employs Stellar Wireless connectivity , which self-manages signal strength and optimizes battery usage. This peripheral has an asymmetrical design, measuring 120 x 58 x 38 mm .

Roccat Burst Pro Air

Roccat Burst Pro Air

It sports a Bionic Shell casing , to which the lighting has been improved by adding new LEDs that amplify its effect. The mouse features Roccat ‘s Titan optical switches for its main buttons . These are twice as fast as traditional mechanical switches and ensure twice the lifespan. Their activation speed is 0.2 ms and they can withstand up to 70 million keystrokes.

More mouse details

The peripheral features the 19K DPI Owl-Eye Optical sensor (based on PixArt ‘s PAW3370 ) . It allows distance adjustment, and offers a speed of 400 IPS with accelerations of up to 50g . To work without cable, it integrates a battery capable of withstanding up to 100 hours of use, at full charge. In addition, its fast charge allows us to enjoy 5 hours of autonomy with only 10 minutes connected .

Roccat Burst Pro Air

To replenish the power of the mouse, the flexible PhantomFlex cable is included , which allows the device to be used while the battery is replenished. Note that the Burst Pro Air is a peripheral that supports NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer , the technology that improves latency with G-SYNC displays . Those interested can now reserve the product at a price of 99.99 euros . It is expected to be released on April 26, 2022.

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