Silent Wings 4, new high-performance fans from be Quiet!

silent wings 4, new high performance fans from be quiet!
silent wings 4, new high performance fans from be quiet!

Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings PRO 4 are the renewed commitment of  be Quiet! for users who demand the best performance in all the components of their computer. Case fans that promise high-end performance and quiet performance.

Silent Wings 4, great quality, performance and possibilities

The signature be Quiet! , specialized in computer components, presents a new family of high performance fans. These are the Silent Wings 4 and PRO 4 references . Quality devices for those who are not satisfied with just anything in their system.

Product News

The new fans of be Quiet! They have a high-quality cable sleeving , they have been optimized for use in radiators, and they have a speed switch (medium, high and ultra-high). This new generation of Silent Wings fans maintains the fantastic 6-pole motor with fluid dynamic bearing that offers smooth and silent operation .

Silent Wings 4 be Quiet!

Of course, references implement new and improved features. These include reduced clearance and optimizations for increased pressure and airflow . The manufacturer has managed to make its Silent Wings 4 spin faster and deliver more performance without sacrificing the excellent low noise levels of its predecessors.

Fan characteristics

The specifications of the be Quiet! 120mm Silent Wings 4 ( 23.9  ) indicates a speed of 1600 RPM , 2500 RPM for the Hight Speed ​​variant , which offers an airflow of up to 82.74 CFM (130.31 CFM) with a static pressure of 1.79 mmH2O (3.96 mmH2O) and a loudness of 18.9 dBA (31.2 dBA). The 140mm model ( €24.9 ) features a speed of 1100 RPM (1900 RPM High Speed ) with an airflow of 87.16 CFM (133.2 CFM), a static pressure of 0.92 mmH2O(2.36 mmH2O) and a loudness of 13.6 dBA (29.3 dBA).

Silent Wings PRO 4

In the case of the be Quiet! Silent Wings PRO 4 we also have references of 120 mm ( 31.9 € ) and 140 mm ( 32.9 € ). The first offer speeds of 3000 RPM , while the 140 mm reach 2400 RPM . The 120mm PRO 4s generate airflow of up to 142.5 CFM with a static pressure of 5.31 mmH2O and loudness of 36.9 dBA . The larger diameter model gives us an airflow of up to 165.5 CFM with a static pressure of 3.64 mmH2O and loudness of36.8dBA .