SilentiumPC Navis F240, high-level cooling for gaming equipment

silentiumpc navis f240, high level cooling for gaming equipment
silentiumpc navis f240, high level cooling for gaming equipment

SilentiumPC Navis F240 is the new proposal of AIO coolers for high performance systems. An all-in-one accessory that optimizes the gaming PC and gives it an enviable aesthetic.

SilentiumPC Navis F240, performance up to expectations

From the hands of the specialist SilentiumPC we get new coolers for extreme computers. These are the Navis F240 references , which the manufacturer serves in versions with and without ARGB . The company, which has designed the product in collaboration with Synergy Cooling , promises high performance with these brand new AIO CPU accessories .

Product characteristics

These new Navis F240 liquid coolers are distinguished by incorporating an ultra-quiet PWM controlled asymmetrical block pump . The coolant liquid is propelled by this pump with a flow rate of 1,600 to 2,600 RPM . This pump is connected to a 240mm radiator , as you may have guessed, which in turn has a pair of Fluctus 120 type fans attached . These rotate from 300 (±100) to 1,800 (±10%) RPM to generate enough airflow to dissipate the heat generated by the CPU .

SilentiumPC Navis F240

SilentiumPC Navis F240

More details of the AIO

Synergy Cooling has taken care of optimizing the acoustic section, making the Navis F240 work as quietly as possible. Note that the ARGB lighting version of the product is compatible with the most popular systems and motherboards: ASRock RGB Polychrome Sync ; Asus Aura Sync ; Biostar VIVID LED ; EVGA RGB Headers ; Gigabyte RGB Fusion ; and MSI Mystic Light . But even if we do not have an ARGB motherboard , it is possible to enjoy lighting thanks to the included Nano-Reset ARGB controller .

SilentiumPC Navis F240 ARGB

It is a system compatible with Intel ‘s new LGA1700 socket . In addition to this, it can also be installed with AMD AM4 and Intel LGA1200 , LGA1150 , LGA1151 , LGA1155 , LGA1156 , LGA2066 , LGA2011-3 and LGA2011 sockets . Those interested can purchase the normal model for 75 euros or 86 euros for the ARGB version .