Sony C-80, new microphone for studio recordings

sony c 80, new microphone for studio recordings
sony c 80, new microphone for studio recordings

The Sony C-80 is the new microphone that the famous company brings to the market for recording at the studio level . An advanced device with a professional quality .

Sony C-80, microphone for all types of public and use

The firm Sony presents its new studio-quality microphone with the reference C-80 . This product has an ideal application for voice recording: streamers , podcasts , vlogs ; without neglecting the instruments .

Device Features

The brand new Sony C-80 collects the legacy of emblematic references of the Japanese manufacturer. The brand points out that this device takes advantage of the capsule used in the Sony C-100 , and sports the metal chassis of the Sony C-800G . The peripheral features a double-diaphragm configuration and a noise-canceling structure to prevent unwanted sounds due to acoustic vibrations.

sony c-80

sony c-80

This model includes a high-pass filter that attenuates the pickup of unpleasant tones and comes with a suspension mount that isolates the microphone from vibrations and handling noise. In addition, a transport case is supplied to take it safely and store it in perfect condition.

More device details

On a technical level, we find a unidirectional condenser microphone with a real frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and a dynamic range of more than 125.5 dB . The C-80 capsule offers a -10 dB pad , being capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 138 dB . Plus, its cardioid polar pattern focuses audio pickup on the area around the mic, reducing interference from the rear and sides.

sony c-80

This device has an XLR connection , cable not included, and requires a 48v Phantom power supply for its operation. It is scheduled to arrive on the European market in November 2022. The price of the device is $499.99 . Undoubtedly something high, but keep in mind that it is a product with unparalleled sound quality and careful manufacturing.