Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe, spectacular wireless gaming keyboard

strix scope nx wireless deluxe, spectacular wireless gaming keyboard
strix scope nx wireless deluxe, spectacular wireless gaming keyboard

The Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe is one of the most spectacular proposals in gaming keyboards . Coined by the specialist Asus , we have a peripheral that does not lack a detail to become the favorite of gamers.

Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe, the most complete Asus gaming keyboard

The Asus company has among its many references of gaming accessories a really impressive keyboard. We refer to the Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe , a twist on the Strix Scope NX Deluxe , which is the implementation of wireless connectivity to the Strix Scope series .

Product characteristics

With the benefit of being able to use the device with a USB cable ; 2.4 GHz radio frequency ; or Bluetooth ; This keyboard is postulated as a real temptation for gamers . The attractive black finish design presents us with a peripheral of 440 x 137 x 39 mm that weighs around 1.16 kg .

Asus Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe

Asus Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe

The brand guarantees us a high autonomy of the keyboard, reaching in the 2.4 GHz RF mode to offer us up to 76 hours of play with almost zero latency and activated RGB lighting. For its part, Bluetooth connectivity gives the possibility of connecting the keyboard to three devices simultaneously, switching between them on the fly.

More keyboard details

The gamer has to choose between the ROG NX Red , NX Blue or NX Brown switches , to enjoy the experience that best suits their tastes. All of them are mechanical switches , and they provide really fast actuation; varying the force curves with each other. ROG NX Red and NX Brown have an aligned space between the actuation and reset points. For its part, the NX Blue have a space of 0.1 mm . In short, they improve the stability of traditional mechanical switches.

Asus Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe

The peripheral comes standard with features exclusive to the Strix Scope range . The Quick Toggle functions ; stealth ; and an oversized Ctrl key .