The Shrimp, gaming keyboard from Nordic Game Supply

the shrimp, gaming keyboard from nordic game supply
the shrimp, gaming keyboard from nordic game supply

The Shrimp is an eye-catching one-handed gaming keyboard . An accessory from Nordic Game Supply , NGS , ideal for freeing up space on the gamer’s desk.

The Shrimp, ergonomics and practicality

In an effort to evolve the stagnant gaming keyboard market , Nordic Game Supply breaks away from the classic all – black , RGB – lit peripheral offering and introduces The Shrimp . A compact and colorful device.

Product characteristics

The idea is to have more freedom when placing the hands. This new gaming keyboard is handled with only one hand and comes onto the market with varied designs. In addition to saving a lot of space on the table, it boasts good ergonomics , avoiding having to turn peripherals, hands and shoulders at awkward angles until you find an optimal playing position.


The Shrimp with varied and colorful designs

Due to its compact size, The Shrimp is perfect to take on the go. And it is that to play, really, even on PC, the most common is to use at most 4 or 5 keys: ASDW and the space bar.

More peripheral details

This product has no learning curve, nor does it require any effort on the part of the user to get used to it. That’s because The Shrimp features a standard layout, meaning the keys are exactly the same and in the same locations as on a regular keyboard.


The Shrimp includes wrist rest

A separate wrist rest is served alongside the device that attaches magnetically to the keyboard. It offers unparalleled comfort, thanks to the soft padding and textured surface. It has 25 keys with Gateron G Pro switches that feel similar to Cherry but with a lower profile. The letters and numbers are oversized to make the RGB lighting shine much more , full of effects. The keyboard’s connectivity is USB C , and it includes media controls with handy knobs.