Thermalright Ultra 120EX Rev. 4, a high-end heatsink

thermalright ultra 120ex rev. 4, a high end heatsink
thermalright ultra 120ex rev. 4, a high end heatsink

Thermalright Ultra 120EX Rev. 4 is released as a new edition of the powerful high-end heatsink for extreme PCs. A component for those who demand maximum efficiency in their systems.

Thermalright Ultra 120EX Rev. 4, extreme design for maximum performance

The specialist Thermalright announces the release of the new iteration of the air cooler for processors, Ultra 120EX . It is the 4th generation model for a product that has been giving excellent performance for years.

Device Features

The cooler revision sports a redesigned aluminum fins that increase heat removal and incorporates a new high static pressure fan that optimizes dissipation of excess heat. The component measures 132 x 89.6 x 157 mm and weighs 660 grams  ( 865 grams including the fan).

Thermalright Ultra 120EX Rev. 4

Thermalright Ultra 120EX Rev. 4

A total of 52 aluminum fins, each 0.4mm thick, with a 1.6mm spacing between them, are arranged on the radiator. The aluminum finned block is traversed by six 6mm copper heatpipes , whose path coincides with the generous nickel – plated copper base .

More details of the product

This model includes a 120mm PWM fan , reference Thermalright TL-B12G , with long life Fluid Dynamic Bearin (FDB) bearings. It promises a maximum rotational capacity of 2,150 RPM to generate an airflow of up to 69 CFM with a static pressure of 2.87 mmH2O and a maximum noise level of 28.1 dBA .

Thermalright Ultra 120EX Rev. 4 blackThermalright Ultra 120EX Rev. 4 white

The manufacturer also has Black and White editions with dual fan configuration. The standard model comes with a set of metal clips to install that second fan to create a Push & Pull configuration . The brand new Thermalright Ultra 120EX REV.4 is compatible with AMD AM5 (Ryzen 7000) and AM4 sockets and Intel LGA 1700 (Raptor Lake & Alder Lake), LGA1200 , LGA20XX and LGA115X . The product is served with a syringe of thermal compound.