Tronsmart T7 Mini, compact portable wireless speaker

tronsmart t7 mini, compact portable wireless speaker
tronsmart t7 mini, compact portable wireless speaker

The Tronsmart T7 Mini is a new portable Bluetooth speaker designed to enjoy our favorite music anywhere. Small and comfortable to wear, this device has been designed to withstand an active life, which requires the animation of our favorite themes.

Tronsmart T7 Mini, small and functional audio device

The Tronsmart company maintains its constant rhythm of novelties presenting on this occasion a small portable speaker . This is the T7 Mini reference , which combines good connectivity with a compact design. All this with the promise of the usual good sound in the brand’s products.

speaker features

Tronsmart ‘s small device is postulated as an ideal accessory to accompany us on vacations and trips, ready to play our favorite music with quality on any occasion, for example meetings and dinners with friends. The T7 Mini obviously stands out for its compact design. Therefore, it is really convenient to carry anywhere. This model has been manufactured with outdoor use in mind, as it is water resistant, with IPX7 certification . The loudspeaker has a liquid-resistant cover.

Tronsmart T7 Mini

Tronsmart T7 Mini

A 15W driver is integrated into this Bluetooth speaker , providing quality sound with penetrating bass . The device has TWS technology , so it is possible to pair a set of them to enjoy the songs in surround mode.

More accessory details

The manufacturer animates the speaker with a touch of lighting that follows the rhythm of the music, with the possibility of personalizing it to the taste of each user. Note that it includes a 2,500 mAh battery , which gives the Tronsmart T7 Mini a range of up to 18 hours .

Tronsmart T7 Mini

The device has a USB-C connector for recharging the battery, in a maximum time of three hours. Wireless connectivity is Bluetooth 5.3 type , offering a range of 18 meters. It goes on sale in July 2022 in Europe, with a recommended price of 29.99 euros.