Vantum Gaming Chair, chair for gamers from Herman Miller & Logitech G

vantum gaming chair, chair for gamers from herman miller & logitech g
vantum gaming chair, chair for gamers from herman miller & logitech g

Vantum Gaming Chair is a wonderful gamer chair born from the collaboration between Herman Miller and Logitech G. A high-end product that improves the hours in front of the screen.

Vantum Gaming Chair, an exclusive product for gaming connoisseurs

The prestigious chair manufacturer Herman Miller joins forces with the gaming specialist Logitech G to create a new premium level chair focused on gamers. This is the Vantum reference . A product with high performance and exclusive design.

chair features

Designed to work and play in the correct posture, the Vantum chair avoids discomfort or pain when spending many hours in front of a computer or console. The contributors advertise the product as a high-performance chair made specifically for gamers .

Vantum Gaming Chair Herman Miller and Logitech G

Vantum Gaming Chair

The product features a patented elastomeric polyester suspension backing ; plus a polyurethane foam headrest and seat cushion topped with 100% post-consumer recycled polyester fabric . Frame and base are fiberglass filled nylon . Faux leather foam pads are attached .

More details of the product

Note that a thoracic support pad is supplied , designed to adequately support the upper part of the back, neck and head, in inclined relaxation postures . In this way, the headrest and the thoracic support work together, ensuring the user a relief of the accumulated pressure and being able to recover concentration when they need it.

Vantum Gaming Chair Herman Miller and Logitech G

The chair has a “ Posturefit ” spinal support to reinforce the pelvis and lower back, preventing the back from slouching. The headrest is adjustable in height , and the suspension system on the back is breathable . The inclination can also be adjusted through a wheel. It has a 12-year warranty , and it goes on sale for $995 in black/obsidian finishes ; black/polar white ; and black/flare .