WD My Passport SSD 2 TB, we tested this fast portable drive

wd my passport ssd 2 tb
wd my passport ssd 2 tb

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB is a fantastic external and portable storage unit that, courtesy of its manufacturer, we have had the fortune to test for a few days in the newsroom. This practical peripheral not only promises to keep and keep our data safe , or add extra capacity to our equipment. It also offers amazing performance , with really incredible speeds in transferring and reading information. It represents a great leap compared to the benefits of the WD My Passport 2 TB, a more basic external hard drive from the same company that we also had in our hands for a long time. So we invite you to discover with us the advantages of this new Western Digital device  for daily productivity.

Presentation, design and construction of the WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

The My Passport SSD is one of the most compact and efficient storage solutions on the market. The manufacturer Western Digital has created a light and reliable device in which to safeguard data. It allows us in a simple and very fast way to save or transfer a large number of files.

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

Presentation of the product

WD delivers the product in one of its colorful and practical packaging. The box has a careful design in two colors. The front shows us an image of the device, while informing the customer of the model reference and its capacity. On the back of the package is expanded product information in multiple languages.

Front of the SSD external drive packaging

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

The back of the box with all the details of the product

The unit, inside the box, is encased in a white plastic cradle. Under the portable disk we have the documentation , the connection cable and a USB adapter .

package content

design and construction

This external storage drive looks great. It has a rectangular shape , with rounded edges and a flattened body . We have received for testing the 2 TB model , in space gray , which shares physical characteristics with the rest of the capacity options that the manufacturer has for sale. The peripheral measures approximately 100 x 55mm and is only 9mm thick . In addition, it is super light , it does not weigh 46 grams .

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

A really light and slim device

El chasis se divide entre una cubierta metálica y una base plástica. Una carcasa resistente a caídas de hasta 1,98 metros y a prueba de vibraciones. El producto se distribuye con hasta cinco colores diferentes, pues además del gris se puede adquirir en tonos: AzulRojoOro; y Plata. Ambas caras de la carcasa se adornan con un relieve que ocupa la mitad de la superficie. El dispositivo no tiene botones, tampoco ningún led informativo de estado.

La base de la unidad

The unit has a USB type C connector . For the connection we can use the short cable , type C at both ends. By means of the included adapter , this cable can be transformed and thus use the disk in equipment with ports of type A.

The modern USB-C port of the peripheral

Features and utilities of the My Passport SSD

The WD My Passport SSD 2 TB drive has the same use as any other external storage drive. That is, it is used to save data ( programs , music , photos , etc.), being as simple to handle as a pen drive . The manufacturer offers free programs to get more out of your Passport drive .

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

WD Discovery allows us to download practical apps

The little WD Discovery app awaits us on the drive , also available on WD ‘ s own website . Also, on the same page we will find, to download for free, WD Drive Utilities ; WD Security ; and Acronis TrueImage . Additional applications that help strengthen device security and facilitate backup tasks .

Test of performance

This device is delivered ready to use on a Windows system  (it is also compatible with Apple ). So it is enough to connect it to any USB port to enjoy its benefits. What makes the WD My Passport SSD stand out from other storage options is the promise of accelerated performance . To get a measure of this quality, we ran some read and write tests with the drive connected to a USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 port .

Transfer speeds

The CrystalDiskMark program shows us the performance obtained on our computer, since the utility runs different tests on the disk drive. These are our results.

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

Test NVMe SSD CrystalDiskMark bloque 512 Mb

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

Test NVMe SSD CrystalDiskMark bloque 2 Gb

In the test with a data block of 512 MiB the results are:

  • [Reading]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 882.889 MB/s [ 842.0 IOPS] < 8726.30 us>
    • Sequential 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 846.541 MB/s [ 6458.6 IOPS] < 4796.76 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 410.863 MB/s [ 100308.3 IOPS] < 5089.26 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 29.821 MB/s [ 7280.5 IOPS] < 137.19 us>
  • [Writing]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 859.731 MB/s [ 819.9 IOPS] < 9697.73 us>
    • Sequential 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 798.336 MB/s [ 6090.8 IOPS] < 5242.97 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 168.881 MB/s [ 41230.7 IOPS] < 12371.40 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 50.208 MB/s [ 12257.8 IOPS] < 81.40 us>

Whereas with a  2 GB block , the results are:

  • [Reading]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 883.756 MB/s [ 842.8 IOPS] < 9437.89 us>
    • Sequential 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 846.131 MB/s [ 6455.5 IOPS] < 4798.97 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 411.702 MB/s [ 100513.2 IOPS] < 5073.30 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 27.967 MB/s [ 6827.9 IOPS] < 146.25 us>
  • [Writing]
    • Sequential 1MiB (Q= 8, T= 1): 867.351 MB/s [ 827.2 IOPS] < 9524.51 us>
    • Sequential 128KiB (Q= 32, T= 1): 815.949 MB/s [ 6225.2 IOPS] < 5128.82 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 32, T=16): 268.437 MB/s [ 65536.4 IOPS] < 7561.92 us>
    • Random 4KiB (Q= 1, T= 1): 50.779 MB/s [ 12397.2 IOPS] < 80.50 us>


WD My Passport SSD 2TB Technical Specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of this WD My Passport SSD external drive :

Length 100.08mm (3.94 inches)
Width 55.12mm (2.17 inches)
Alto 8.89mm (0.35 inches)
Weight 45,7 g (0,10 lb)
  • space gray
  • Dark blue
  • Red
  • Pink gold
  • The payment
Connection USB 3.2 Gen 2
connector USB-C
USB performance
  • 3.2 Gen 2 has 10 Gbps
  • 3.1 Gen 2 has 10 Gbps
  • 3.0 up to 5Gb/s
  • 2.0 patients 480 Mb/s
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Lightning Fast NVMe™ Technology:
    • Sequential read speed up to 1050MB/s
    • Sequential write speed up to 1000MB/s
  • Hassle-free backups
  •  Shock and vibration proof
    • Drop resistant (up to 6.5 inches or 1.98 meters)
  • Windows® 10+ operating systems
  • macOS 11+
  • Requires reformatting for other operating systems
  • Compatibility: USB 3.2 Gen-2 and USB-C (USB-A for older systems)
  • portable SSD disk
  • Cable USB de Type-C™ a Type-C (compatible con USB 3.2 Gen 2)
  • Adaptador USB de Type-C a Type-A
  • WD Discovery™ software for backup and password protection (must be activated online)
Security Password protection and AES 256-bit hardware encryption
Capacities and models
  • 500 GB
    • Dark Blue WDBAGF5000ABL-WESN
    • Rose Gold WDBAGF5000AGD-WESN
    • Space Gray WDBAGF5000AGY-WESN
    • Red WDBAGF5000ARD-WESN
    • Silver WDBAGF5000ASL-WESN
  • 1 TB
    • Dark Blue WDBAGF0010BBL-WESN
    • Rose Gold WDBAGF0010BGD-WESN
    • Space Gray WDBAGF0010BGY-WESN
    • Red WDBAGF0010BRD-WESN
    • Silver WDBAGF0010BSL-WESN
  • 2 TB
    • Dark Blue WDBAGF0020BBL-WESN
    • Rose Gold WDBAGF0020BGD-WESN
    • Space Gray WDBAGF0020BGY-WESN
    • Red WDBAGF0020BRD-WESN
    • Silver WDBAGF0020BSL-WESN
  • 4 TB
    • Space Gray WDBAGF0040BGY-WESN
limited warranty 5 years all over the world

Conclusions, availability and price of the WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

WD My Passport SSD 2 TB

A wonderful external storage solution

The WD My Passport SSD 2 TB external drive not only offers extraordinary capacity , it offers incredible performance for those with up-to-date equipment. It is an expensive product, however, the manufacturer distributes many variants of unit capacity to suit the needs and budgets of each user . Compact and light , while resistant to any unforeseen event or accident, it is an insurance to protect data and very  comfortable to move anywhere. In addition, it is not complex to use, even facilitating backup routines.

The test of the WD My Passport SSD 2 TB has revealed us an excellent device to store important data and facilitate backup tasks, making it worthy of the Gold Award .


  • Fantastic performance.
  • USB-C port.
  • Very small, light and resistant.
  • Easy setup and use.
  • High cost.