What is a VPN and why is it the hottest show in 2022?

what is a vpn and why is it the hottest show in 2022
what is a vpn and why is it the hottest show in 2022

Surely you have already heard of VPNsIn recent times, this program has gained in popularity and downloads all over the world and there are several reasons. In this article, we will focus on analyzing how it works, its advantages and why it is the favorite of millions of users. What should be considered when choosing a VPN company?

At the end of the day, while computers are becoming more sophisticated , the care that must be taken to protect them on the web must also be . And that is where VPNs currently stand out: comprehensive protection, care for user privacy, and a series of extra advantages that are essential to have a good experience on the web. Let us begin.

What is a VPN?

The first point is to understand what we are talking about VPNs were created decades ago as a way to protect information shared by computers in the same establishment. This program was used in universities, laboratories, private and public offices, among other spaces that shared a network.

Now, VPN technology has evolved and is no longer only used so that all devices in the same place have the same security, but can also be used individually to reinforce privacy, protection and circumvent geolocated censorship. How does this happen?

A VPN allows the user to encrypt and route all the information and data that they handle on their web connection , transporting them through a “secret” tunnel, where it cannot be tracked by third parties. Among those trackers, we can count state agencies, private companies, web attackers and much more.

By encrypting the information, the user becomes practically invisible, even for the internet provider, which gives them a benefit that seemed lost in 2022: online privacy. With the rise of invasive advertising, spam, and data harvesting, a VPN is bringing the internet back to its roots.

Of course, you have surely heard of VPNs also as a way to circumvent certain blocks and restrictions, the most popular being the case of streaming site libraries : when connecting to a VPN server, the user’s IP address is modified. by one of the country in question and it is possible to enjoy that content.

This technology is also of vital importance for countries where access to information is highly guarded by authoritarian regimes or by the incidence of private companies that distort the data. In the 21st century, a VPN is also a way to guarantee users’ right to free expression, information and communication.

In this way, in addition to being a great security tool, we can point out that VPNs have a series of undoubted extra benefits , which we will develop a little more below.

Why are VPNs so popular?

Now that we understand the basics about VPNs, it’s time to dive into why they’re so popular. The series of reasons that explain this boom are several, and we intend to list them:

  • Military-grade security: The top VPNs on the market offer a level of protocol and security that can be compared to that of the high-ranking military . As we have previously pointed out, this factor not only protects the user from possible web attacks, but also allows them to move with a much greater degree of privacy. The debate agendas of both companies and countries are focused on seeking to strengthen online security after the massive digital leap that occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic and whose effects continue to this day. VPNs come to meet that demand.
  • Easy to use and implement : Going hand in hand with the above, the interesting thing about VPNs is that they are easy to use tools. The vast majority of commercial companies have downloads in a few minutes and an intuitive interface , which allows users with more knowledge to customize different parameters. For users with no previous experience , it is enough to download browser extensions, with a VPN for Chrome being the most used in 2022 . Like any type of extension, it should only be added to our browser and we will be able to start browsing a more private and secure internet.
  • End of blocking and censorship : As we have highlighted, the use of VPNs took on more prominence with the boom in streaming platforms. When people discovered that sites like Netflix had different movies and series depending on the country, they wanted to twist that discrimination and take over the entire offer. Of course, a VPN does not prevent you from having to have an account to access the platform in question, but it does further expand the range of quality content available on your computer , which translates into endless fun and opportunities to spend an excellent evening.
  • Price discrimination : another factor that has taken place in recent years is that of selective prices according to the country from which the same service is contracted. Although this can often be explained by local or regional taxes, it also often responds to arbitrary criteria of the firms. With a VPN, the user is able to pay the fairest price for what he buys , without the need for any surcharge. When hiring computing services, a VPN can help us save a considerable amount of dollars without having to make any effort.
  • Complete shielding : Finally, one of the reasons that tourists and frequent travelers are attracted is the security that a VPN provides when using an open Wi-Fi network . Places like cafes or parks can be the salvation of those users who need to connect to the internet, but they can also be the downfall. These connections have very low or non-existent security protocols, leaving the user exposed to possible attacks and cybercrimes, as well as identity theft or sensitive information. When connecting to a VPN, the IP address is changed and all activity is invisible to third parties.


Three keys to choosing a good VPN

  • Obsession with user privacy and security: VPNs that make a public commitment to the care and protection of their customers at all times are those that best meet the quality standards of an excellent VPN . Without the need for registration and with premium protection levels , you can return to browsing the web in peace.
  • High speeds : Another essential factor is that the data upload and download speeds remain as high as with our original connection. While any VPN can lower these numbers, more advanced brands allow you to minimize that impact.
  • Quality servers : finally, beyond the number of servers offered by the company, to which the location is added, the important thing is that they are of quality in order to guarantee the longest active connection time, thus avoiding any failure that not only interrupts our work, but also exposes us to the eyes of third parties.