ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH, Asus 15.6-inch portable monitor


The ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH is an exceptional monitor from Asus that boasts visual quality and portability. An OLED type screen and standard size that, being portable , allows us to enjoy the best image quality anywhere.

ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH, exceptional color and unrivaled portability

The Asus company launches a new portable monitor reference . This is the ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH model , which stands out for its panel with extreme blacks and high brightness . The product is postulated as the ideal portable solution, perfect for work , creation and entertainment .

Dashboard Features

This device is presented with measures of 358.7 x 226.15 x 8.95 mm  and a weight of 650 grams . The product includes the innovative Smart Case to protect the monitor from dust and scratches, in addition, this case can be folded to become a stand to support the monitor in different positions. Without forgetting that we have a tripod socket integrated in the back of the monitor.

ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH

ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH

This is a monitor with a 15.6 – inch OLED panel and Full HD resolution , that is, 1920 x 1080 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 1 millisecond (1ms GtG). It reaches a maximum brightness of 400 nits ; its typical contrast is 100,000:1, but it offers 1,000,000:1 in HDR, as it has HDR10 support . Boasts cinema-quality 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and Delta E < 2 accuracy . So a level device for anyone, including professional creators .

More details of the product

The ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH is a perfect companion for any mobile device with its super-slim design , ultra – light chassis , exceptional OLED visuals, and superb connectivity. It has a Mini-HDMI video input , and three USB-C ports (valid as DisplayPort video outputs ).

ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH

The monitor integrates a proximity sensor that provides greater comfort, saving energy and preventing image burn-in when not in use. This sensor switches the device into a power-saving mode when it detects the user walking away, then resumes normal operation when they return. The device has a consumption of only 20 W of energy.