3 Spanish Netflix series you should start watching today

3 spanish netflix series you should start watching today
3 spanish netflix series you should start watching today

Netflix is ​​without a doubt the streaming platform that has opened the door to Spanish productions the most. From 2017 to here, the number of nationally produced series and movies has only grown exponentially, and today we can find a lot of Made in Spain content that you cannot ignore. This time we will recommend 3 Spanish Netflix series that are really worth it. With that in mind, we will ignore the most popular ones, such as ‘La Casa de Papel’, ‘Elite’ and ‘Las Chicas del Cable’ precisely for that reason, because they are very popular, given that at this point we have all already seen them or, as least, heard about them enough. 

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Spanish Netflix series, Vis a vis 

If you thought that American prison girls were the only badasses, you’re wrong. VIS a VIS is a drama series that follows the story of Macarena Ferreiro (played by Maggie Civantos), who ends up in a maximum security prison after being manipulated into embezzling funds from the company she worked for. 


In prison, Macarena will not only have to deal with her new and harsh reality, but she will also be involved in the intriguing search for 9 million missing euros, which involves a terrorist known as the Egyptian. In his turbulent stay in prison, he will forge both friendships and enmities, among which we will see familiar faces, such as Alba Flores in the role of Saray Vargas and also Najwa Nimri as Zulema Zahir , the most dangerous inmate in the place, the Egyptian’s girlfriend and nemesis of Macarena. 

Undoubtedly a very intriguing series from start to finish, with 40 chapters spread over 5 seasons . 

the fence 

We jump the fence to the dystopian genre, where we find La Valla, whose story takes place in Spain in the year 2045, submerged under a dictatorial government resulting from a Third World War and a virus that threatens the lives of the survivors, a future quite gloomy and eerily familiar in view of what we live. 


Here we will meet Hugo (Unax Ugalde), Julia (Olivia Molina) and Emilia (Ángela Molina), a family that seeks to recover Hugo’s daughter, who lies in the possession of the authoritarian government in power. In the process, they will stumble upon secrets they wish they hadn’t discovered, and obviously they won’t be without danger. 

This series produced by Atresmedia in collaboration with Good Mood Productions only has one season made up of 13 chapters, but each of them is worth it. 

Castamar’s cook 

From Madrid in the year 2045 we jump back in time to Madrid in the 18th century, in a historical drama based on the homonymous novel by Fernando J. Múñez . The plot follows the young Clara Belmonte (Michelle Jenner), who begins to work in the kitchens of the Duke of Castamar and, as expected, these two will end up falling in love and immersed in a passion that is not free of dangers and obstacles, starting with the difference in classes and the duke’s mother, Doña Mercedes (Fiorella Faltoyano), who is not amused by the idea. 


We hope that one of these Spanish Netflix series caught your interest, but if not, we invite you to explore the Netflix catalog without region limits , for which you will need a VPN .