Cougar Mars, an attractive new gaming table for enthusiasts

Cougar Mars.jpg
Cougar Mars.jpg

The gaming tables It is a product that is increasingly in demand by enthusiastic users. Proof of this is the appearance of the Cougar Mars. A new model that demonstrates the interest of manufacturers to position themselves in this incipient market. The product aims to stand out for its wide surface of game, an attractive RGB lighting and the incorporation of ports USB 3.0.

Cougar Mars, the table for a championship battleroom

For the gamers enthusiasts appears this new table Cougar Mars. A product in the reserve phase, and that looks spectacular gaming table where to arrange all the elements of the set play comfortably and without interference due to lack of space.

Game table features

This playing surface is presented with measures without restrictions at all. The table has 1.53 meters long and 77.1 cm Wide. Allows the user to adjust their height in three positions different: 75, 80, 85 cm. The accessory is not excessively heavy, for how big it is. Their 38.5 kg, (43.5 kg with packaging), it does not have to be a superman to arrange it in our computer entertainment room. Point out that it is a piece of considerable strength, since the base is a Steel structure. This ensures that both the monitor and the set of peripherals that are used can withstand without problems.

Cougar Mars

Cougar Mars

It is clear that at the table the player has all the space necessary to deploy each of the peripherals that make up their leisure equipment. Of course, the accessories gaming It usually shines with its colored lights, so the table follows the trend, and is perfect to combine with what we have, since it has a dual RGB LED lighting system. Light effects that are managed by software or thanks to a integrated button at the table itself. A simple press and we will enjoy its lighting modes.

More details of the product

Cougar Mars

Not everything is simple aesthetics on this table. And it is that the manufacturer has provided it with a good connectivity, to arrange all system wiring optimally. It has a couple of ports USB 3.0 to plug in the mouse and keyboard. It also includes your connectors for the headphones Y microphone. And furthermore, a button for switch off the computer or restart it. This table gaming Cougar Mars can be booked at a recommended price of 328.90 euros.

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