Cougar Terminator, the most futuristic and guerrilla gaming chair

cougar terminator.jpg
cougar terminator.jpg

The Cougar Terminator is an impressive chair that takes its inspiration from the well-known film saga where cyborgs and artificial intelligence exterminate humanity. This product, on the contrary, promises to take care of and pamper users while practicing their favorite hobby.

Cougar Terminator, a leading gaming chair

The Terminator It is the most spectacular chair that people from Cougar. A product top company, which uses the claim of the deadly robot from the future to win the favor of gamers.

Product characteristics

The chair gaming wears a exclusive and unique aesthetic, that the difference of any proposal that we have seen so far. In addition, the manufacturer has put all the effort and experience in designing this type of furniture, to offer a tremendously functional and ergonomic.

Cougar Terminator

Cougar Terminator

The Cougar Terminator count with one adjustable backrest capable of offering excellent support to the natural curve of the spine. Dispose of lumbar support, included to maintain a proper posture. In addition, in the back of the seat we have a rack that allows an optimal transfer of body heat.

Other details of the chair

The brand new Terminator has a back made of industrial grade fiber reinforced plastic (PAFRP) and high density foam. The leather areas use an artificial material (leatherette) hyperhard, What is it up to 12 times longer lasting than normal leather.

Chair customization and adjustment options range from headrest, until backrest recline, going through the height and 4D metal armrests. Everything is supported on a sturdy aluminum base, to which they have applied a longer distance between axles and includes larger wheels. The set brings more stability and durability to this critical part of the chairs.

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