Drift DR111, one of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there

drift dr111, one of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there
drift dr111, one of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there

Choosing a chair for the computer is something very personal and for which we have to take into account several factors. For example, are you going to use it for gaming or studying? Maybe you are telecommuting? Or do you just sit at your PC to check a couple of emails and some other occasional management? The use you are going to make of it says a lot about you and, therefore, also about how your new chair should be. If you are looking for a focused model to spend hours and hours playing, today we are talking about the  Drift DR111 , a chair with high comfort and durability.

Drift is one of the most reputable brands in this field. We have already seen other models on previous occasions, such as the Drift DR175 , and now we come to review this novelty that promises to give a lot to talk about. Read on to find out all about the  DRIFT DR111 Gaming Chair .

Design of the Drift DR111

Talking about a gaming chair should always be synonymous with talking about comfort, resistance and versatility. In this case, this Drift DR111 surprises us with first class materials and with good possibilities for us to put ourselves right in the winning position.

Drift DR111

We find ourselves with a  very robust structure, covered with padded FOAM with a density of 50Kg/m3. The measurements are  65 x 52 x 129-135 cm and the net weight is  22 kg . It supports a maximum weight of  150 kg , so it is made for most players. Keep in mind that this data is with the vertical backrest. If you plan to put it more lying down, the maximum weight supported is somewhat less. We have it available in four color sets: Black, Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/Blue. Choose the one that best defines your personality. Of course, we recommend that you take a look at the price of the different options before buying one or the other, since sometimes there may be specific offers for a specific color and you can save a lot of money.

The keys to the comfort and versatility of the DRIFT DR111 Gaming Chair

This chair stands out for those multiple elements that, joined together, make up the pieces of a perfect puzzle. We are going to start talking about each of them below so that you can understand, inch by inch, what to expect from her.

Drift DR111

Adjustable armrests: 

It is something very important and not always given the consideration it deserves. In this case, this Drift DR111 gives us adjustment in height, rotation and depth. You can always have your arms well supported, whatever the position in which you find yourself. In addition, this also maximizes the ergonomics of the chair and prevents possible injuries.

Adjustable height:

The height can also be adapted to you (and should be). Depending on your own height or how high the work table is, it is convenient to be more or less off the ground. Thanks to its gas piston we can adjust the height as we need, in a fork of 129 – 135 cm.

Rocker seat:

Also focused on ergonomics and comfort, this chair adapts to your center of gravity through a tilting seat. Thus, it offers you the best comfort and the greatest durability.

Reclining backrest:

With this chair you can have from 90 degrees to 135 degrees of inclination, so that you can rest, play, work, study, watch movies or anything else you want to do on the computer, with the best comfort and achieving exactly the position that is most comfortable for you. It has a firm structure backrest so that you can recline it without problems and that nobody suffers damage, neither your back nor your chair. We also have a tilt lock system so it stays in the position you want.

Lumbar and cervical cushions:

Even if you think that nothing can happen to you while sitting, believe us: a bad posture can lead to a major injury. This is why, at this point, the subject of the cushions that this chair incorporates becomes especially relevant. Specifically, we have two: one for the lumbar and one for the cervical.

Base and star wheels:

The base of this DRIFT DR111 Gaming Chair is star-shaped, to better support the weight and be more durable. It has dimensions of 340 mm. For its part, the wheels are also star-shaped, with a diameter of 60 mm to facilitate the rotating function and nylon material to be resistant without scratching the floor.

Class 4 piston: 

Finally, we highlight that this model comes with an 80mm class 4 gas piston with a trim. You will see a beautiful and well-kept design chair, but behind it there is a very robust and durable construction.

Drift DR111

Technical characteristics of the Drift DR111

Dimensions 65x52x129-135cm
Weight 22kg
Maximum weight supported 150kg
Colors Black, Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/Blue
Structure Very robust structure, covered with padded FOAM with a density of 50Kg/m3
Feature Highlights
  • adjustable armrests
  • adjustable height
  • rocker seat
  • reclining backrest
  • Base and star wheels
  • class 4 piston

If you are looking for a gaming chair with good quality materials, with a very solid and resistant structure and with a comfortable and ergonomic design, this Drift DR111 is an excellent option for you. Its price is in the average of the prices that the models of this range usually cost. Any lack? It does not have a footrest, but, apart from this, we can not blame this gaming chair for much.

  • Good value for money.
  • 4D armrest
  • resistant and robust
  • Tiltable backrest
  • good materials
  • silent wheels
  • Resists up to 150kg
  • Very comfortable
  • does not have footrest