Drift DR175, gaming chair available in six different colors

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drift dr175.jpg

We will not tire of telling you how important it is to have a good PC chair. And it doesn’t matter if you want it to work, to study, to play or simply to surf for hours and hours. Maintaining a good posture and having an ergonomic chair that takes care of your health is super important. We know that many of you choose these products only for their design, gaming chairs are very beautiful in an office or even in the bedroom, but beyond this, the important thing is how they take care of you. Today we talk about the Drift DR175, a model with an air of play but that also takes care of your health.

Drift DR175 design

The first thing we can highlight in this model is that it is available in six colors:

  • Drift DR175CARBON
  • Drift DR175PINK
  • Drift DR175BLUE
  • Drift DR175RED
  • Drift DR175GRAY
  • Drift DR175GREEN

That is to say, black, gray, blue, red, pink and green, so you can choose the one that best suits your personality or with the rest of the decoration.

How is this Drift gaming chair

And apart from the colors, what can we expect from it? We have before us a chair built in quality materials that provide resistance and comfort. It is covered with soft polyurethane and inside it prevails the High density FOAM to improve the ergonomics section. Thanks to this we can have a comfortable posture at all times, but there is more. its butterfly mechanism It also favors a slight rocking that gives us a better feeling.

The dimensions of this chair Drift are from 68 x 125-135 x 52 cm and the weight is 18 kg. Supports a maximum weight of 150 kg thanks to Class 4 gas piston . As you can see, it is adjustable in height, between 125 and 135 cm. It may seem small, but these 10 centimeters of margin give a lot of play. In addition, the backrest can also be adjusted. You can recline it at an angle between 90 and 135 degrees. It allows you to lock it in the position that is most comfortable for you, whether to play, work or even rest for a while. It’s up to you.

More advantages of this gaming chair. It includes a cervical and a lumbar cushion so that you always maintain a good posture and above all that you feel as comfortable as possible, and its 2D armrests, also padded with polyurethane are really comfortable.

Drift DR175

And to be able to move the chair from one side to the other, it has five star-shaped nylon wheels, with 6 cm in diameter, so you can move easily. The nylon should not scratch the floor, but if your floor needs special care or if you plan to do a lot of shrimp from one side of the table to the other, remember that there are also mats for PC chairs, which have been precisely designed to protect soil.

Is a polyurethane, leather or fabric chair better?

Like everything in life, it depends. It depends on you, your needs, your tastes and your budget. But, broadly speaking, if you have no idea what is best for you, let us guide you a bit so that you value the best material for you.

Drift DR175

The polyurethane, which is the predominant material in this chair, is a kind of plastic material. It is inexpensive and makes the chair not very expensive, in addition, it is usually cleaned quite well. Of course, you have to bear in mind that, as a good plastic it is, it can make you quite hot, so if you already live in a hot place or if the temperature in your room is high, keep that in mind.

The materials textiles they are cooler, but also more difficult to clean. If you sweat, in the long run, the marks can remain. Fabric is not an expensive material and is generally good value for money. It is usually quite comfortable.

And for those looking for a more premium finish, the skin is the chosen material. It is more expensive than the previous ones, but also more resistant and durable. It should be able to be cleaned well, yes, it is very hot and if you sweat it will give you that uncomfortable effect of “staying glued” to the chair.

Which is better then? As you can see, we cannot totally tip the balance to one side or the other, since this depends on you. You can tell us in the comments what is your favorite material for your computer chair and see how many people agree with you. You dare?

Technical characteristics of the Drift DR175

Drift DR175
Dimensions 68 x 125-135 x 52 cm
Weight 18 kg
  • Drift DR175CARBON (Black)
  • Drift DR175PINK (Pink)
  • Drift DR175BLUE (Blue)
  • Drift DR175RED (Red)
  • Drift DR175GRAY (Gray)
  • Drift DR175GREEN (Green)
Supported weight 150 kg
Reclining backrest Between 90 and 135 degrees
Piston Class 4 gas piston
Wheels 5 nylon star wheels 6 cm
Cushions A cervical and a lumbar cushion
Armrests 2D
Mechanism Butterfly
Main material Polyurethane

Availability and price of the Drift DR175

The Drift DR175 is a chair that, although it does not stand out for anything, has a very balanced balance in terms of performance and characteristics. It is very comfortable, it takes care of the posture and the health of those who use it and it gives us that extra of being available in many colors, something that is also appreciated to feel that the experience is more personalized.

If you want to look at a similar model, you can take a look at our review of the characteristics of the Drift DR275. Drift has a very wide catalog and is focused on the gaming world, but, as we said, you can also use any of these chairs to work or study. What you want.

  • Good value for money.
  • 2D armrests
  • Resistant
  • Tilting backrest
  • Quite comfortable
  • Resists up to 150 kg
  • Available in six colors
  • You can use it both to play and to work or study

  • It has no footrest
  • Does not have a floor mat

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