Drift DR275, a gaming chair designed to get you moving

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drift dr275.jpg

Do you think that choosing a gaming chair without trying it is almost an impossible mission? You have some reason and we would always advise you that, as far as possible, you could try it before taking it home to see first-hand its comfort, its resistance, etc. However, more and more chairs are being bought online for an obvious reason: the offer on the internet is more extensive, the prices can be cheaper and, in addition, you have the advantage that they bring it to your home without you having to transport it. In Gizcomputer we have already told you about several chairs for the computer and today we return to the load with a model that has just been launched on the market and that we want you to know. It’s about the Drift DR275, a model in which its motto will already tell you a lot: “Maximum freedom of movement”.

Do you want to meet her? Next, we will tell you all its characteristics in detail so that you can get a good idea of ​​what you are going to find in it, as well as its best purchase options so that you can take it at the best price today.

Drift DR275 design

Why do we say that this chair Drift is it designed for you to move? Already the manufacturer himself makes us this small spoiler with the motto of this model, “maximum freedom of movement”. It is a fairly flexible chair, which adapts perfectly to you, to the shapes of your body and to your movements. Let’s get to know it better.

Drift DR275

Starting with its design, we find that it is covered with a fabric of soft and breathable fabric, with finishes in velvet for a more premium look. Its filling is composed of Padded FOAM so that it is more comfortable and adapts to your body, without suffering deformations due to continuous use. Its base is a 70cm metal star. Precisely what you should ask of a chair of this style is that it be able to support your body for hours and hours every day without the chair itself suffering.

The Drift DR275 is quite resistant, but also very comfortable, as we have already mentioned. And this comfort is based, precisely, on a double action mechanism with rocking, which allows the weight of the body to remain evenly distributed throughout the day. This is great not only so that you are comfortable, but also so that your posture does not suffer (and you will already know that it is very important if you do not want to have problems in the medium term).

The backrest is smooth and can be reclined from 90º to 135ºWhether you are playing, working or studying (or just relaxing while watching a movie), this backup game is going to be very interesting for you. The height is also adjustable so that it adapts to the height of your table and the user’s own height. The dimensions of this chair are 66 x 123-133 x 56 cm and the weight of 19 kg. Can hold up to 150 kg weight thanks to its 80 cm class 4 gas piston and its solid structure.

Drift DR275

Finally, in this section we want to highlight its armrests, with polyurethane padding, 4D adjustable system and with height adjustment, from left to right, front to back and lateral angle. It is available in color black or Gray.

Don’t scratch the ground

We have already seen that it is a very well built chair, very comfortable and very resistant, but we also want to highlight another element of it that will convince you. It includes five 60mm nylon wheels, coated with polyurethane, which allows you to move silently and smoothly, without scratching the ground or disturbing the one next to you. Because although until now we have referred to this chair as a gaming chair due to its design, the truth is that it is also a very interesting model for an office, a small office or even a study room at home.

Drift DR275

How to know if a gaming chair is comfortable?

As we told you at the beginning of this article, it is super important that the chair you choose is comfortable and resistant at the same time. And of course, sometimes buying online can be a bit of a blind purchase. Or so it may seem, but in reality it is not.

The specification list of a chair can give you many clues about it and is what you should use as a guide. Look at the materials that have been used for its construction, the piston and the structure. This (along with the data on how much weight it resists) will give you a good idea of ​​how resistant a particular model is. Regarding comfort, check if it is adjustable in height, if the backrest is reclining and if the armrests can also be adjusted. Some models even have footrests. Other details, such as whether it has a lumbar padding or whether the fabric is breathable, are other good indicators of comfort in a chair of this style.

Technical characteristics of the Drift DR275

Drift DR275
Dimensions 66 x 123-133 x 56 cm
Weight 19 kg
Colour Black / gray
Supported weight 150 kg
Base 70cm metal star
Filling Padded FOAM
Tissue Soft and breathable fabric, finished in velvet
Back Reclinable from 90º to 135º
Piston 80 cm class 4 gas piston
Armrests Polyurethane padding, 4D adjustable system
Wheels Five 60mm nylon wheels covered with polyurethane
Footrest No
Swivel Yes
Lock system Yes

Availability and price of the Drift DR275

If you are looking for a comfortable, resistant gaming chair that adapts to you instead of you to it, this Drift DR275 is a very good option. And if you want to look at more similar models, you have the Drift DR250 also available. Which one do you prefer?

  • Good value for money.
  • 4D armrest
  • Resistant and robust
  • Tilting backrest
  • Good materials
  • Silent wheels
  • Resists up to 150 kg
  • Very comfortable

  • It has no footrest

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