MSI MAG CH120, a very complete gaming chair for (almost) everyone

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Today we bring to Gizcomputer a gaming chair model that is postulated as one of the most balanced in terms of value for money. It’s about the MSI MAG CH120, which now also has an offer. We will talk about him at the end of this article, but first we want you to know more about this model and do not get carried away only by a first impression. Although this chair of M: YES It has a good offer, the price is still a bit high for some pockets, so it is important that you weigh all the pros and cons well so that you make the decision in the best possible way.

It is very similar to MSI MAG CH120 X, although with some differences. If you are doubting between the two, we invite you to read our review of the characteristics of the two so that you can choose with all the information on the table.

Design of the MSI MAG CH120

This chair is available for now only in color black and red. A very powerful and somewhat aggressive combination that we know is not going to convince everyone, either you love it or you hate it, so we would have liked the manufacturer to offer us more options “for all audiences”.


We are facing a robust model, with a painted steel chassis It helps prevent logical oxidation over time. In addition, this support is reinforced with high density foam so that the seat is firm but comfortable. The main outer material is the imitation leather.

If you need to measure how it will fit in your office or room, take these measurements: 650 x 525 x 130 cm. The seat height can be moved between 47.5 x 55 cm and the backrest height is 82 cm and its width 55 cm. The height of the armrest can range from 30.5 – 37.5 cm. It is a strong chair and proof of this is that it weighs 27 kg.

It is recommended for users who measure a maximum of 2 meters and have a maximum weight of 150 kg. This resistance is achieved thanks to Class 4 gas lift piston.


In addition, you can move with it if you need to move. Has a 6 cm PU wheels, very soft and quiet so as not to scratch the floor and so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your office colleague.

A comfortable chair, very comfortable

Besides being a sturdy chair, what stands out the most is its extreme comfort. It is designed precisely for this and that is why it comes with a padded backrest, armrests and the possibility of tipping. Let’s see this in more detail.


It has a lumbar cushion and an ergonomic pillow so that your posture is always comfortable and that you also take care of your health. The armrest can be adjusted in height and angle, that’s why it is called 4D armrest. The backrest can also be reclined 180º. You can even lie down if a game requires it or even if you want to take a few minutes of rest between video calls and video calls.

You can also adjust the height of the seat. In short, it is a fairly configurable chair so that it adapts perfectly to you and not the other way around. And this is how it should always be. These are precisely some of the details that most distinguish the slightly more top chairs from the economic ones. It may seem a bit silly and to think that a chair that is comfortable is enough, but when you try to adjust the backrest, armrests and seats exactly as you want, you will see that the comfort is superior.


Who would we not recommend it to?

In principle, we would recommend this MSI gaming chair to almost any user. It is very versatile, very versatile and very comfortable, for a price that, although it is high, if you find a good offer like the one we have hunted today we can take it with a brutal quality-price ratio.

However, we do not recommend it to those looking for a truly premium chair. Normally, for the most premium chairs, leather is chosen as the material and in this chair we have imitation leather. Enough? Yes. More respectful of the animal world? Too. But we know that there are people for whom having 100% original skin is important. It also lacks some other detail, such as that the wheels have a lock so that you do not move a millimeter from their place or that it comes with a mat for the wheels or with a footrest so that the wrap is complete, something that we know that a some users do.

Technical characteristics of the MSI MAG CH120

Dimensions 650 x 525 x 130 cm
Weight 27 kg
Colour Black and red
Supported weight 150 kg
Material Imitation leather
Seat size 52 x 52.5 cm
Piston Class 4 gas lift piston
  • Steel structure
  • High density foam
  • Lumbar cushion
  • Cervical cushion
  • PU swivel wheels

Availability and price of the MSI MAG CH120

If something has made us fall in love with the MSI MAG CH120, it is that it is a very versatile chair, which allows us to fully customize aspects such as inclination, recline, armrests, height, etc. It is very comfortable and this is something for which you can rest easy, in addition, take care of your posture and therefore also your health. The medium-term effects if you maintain an incorrect posture every day can be more than important, so in this case there is no doubt that prevention is better than cure. Be it this or any other mid-high range chair, a good chair is a very interesting investment.

  • 4D armrest
  • Resistant and robust
  • Backrest reclining up to 180º
  • Good materials
  • Silent wheels
  • Resists up to 150 kg
  • Very comfortable
  • With lumbar and cervical cushion
  • Good value for money
  • It has no footrest
  • Does not have a mat for the wheels
  • Wheels do not lock
  • Only one color available
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