MSI MAG CH120 X, a truly premium PC chair


In the world of gaming chairs or PC chairs it seems that the catalog is almost infinite. Precisely today we are going to talk to you at length in this article about one of the models that stands out the most for its quality and also for its comfort. It’s about the MSI MAG CH120 X, a chair that we warn you is not cheap at all, but it is a qualitative leap that is worth taking into account. The work of M: YES It is usually impeccable and, although they have a clear focus on the gaming world, their products are suitable for anyone who wants to make a purchase of those that always turn out well.

To help you assess if it really is a chair for you or if on the contrary you should look for another option, below we are going to review all its advantages and also the disadvantages of the MSI MAG CH120 X.

Design of the new MSI MAG CH120X gaming chair

This chair is available in a single black color with red details, the two colors that have already become the hallmark of the brand. It has dimensions of 66 x 68 x 131 cm and a weight of 20.2 kg. The seat size is 52 x 52.5 cm. The predominant material is skin. It is a premium material, very durable and resistant and that gives your chair a more top appearance, but you should bear in mind that the skin also tends to be quite warm, so if your room is already hot, perhaps may not be the most breathable material you can choose. So why do most manufacturers choose leather when looking to create a premium chair? Precisely because of what we have already mentioned, because of the durability and quality of the material.

It is recommended for a user who weighs maximum 150 kg (thanks to your Class 4 gas lift piston) and have a maximum height of 2 m, according to the manufacturer’s data. A fairly wide fork that covers almost anyone. Does this mean that if you are much shorter or weigh much less it is not for you? Not at all, it may be a good option for you, but this data (especially the weight supported) gives you a good idea of ​​its resistance, something that implies that the chair will last you a long or not.

The highlight of this model

Next we are going to review the highlights of this chair.

Steel frame, high-density foam and cushions:

Speaking of resistance and durability of this product, you will like to know that it comes with a complete support of painted steel structure, to prevent the oxidation of the passage of time, but also, to make it comfortable as well as resistant, use foam high density to give the user great comfort. In this sense, it also has lumbar and cervical cushions to take care of posture (and therefore health) if we spend many hours sitting on it.

Reclining backrest and 4D multi-adjustable armrests:

On the side of comfort and ergonomics it is also fair to highlight these other qualities of the MSI MAG CH120X chair. The backrest can be reclined up to 180º, so if you need to lie down at some point to rest without moving from the site, you will be able to do it with total comfort.

The fact that the armrests and the seat are adjustable in 4D (that is, we can move them in height, angle, etc.), is ideal not only to adopt the position that is most comfortable for us, but also to find the best position to play. and have no rival.

Swivel castors with lock:

And finally, we also want to emphasize at this point that the wheels, as in almost any other chair for PC, are swivel, so they allow us to move in short distances easily, but, in addition, they also have a system of blocking precisely to avoid this, that we move without this being our intention just when we are at the peak of the game or drawing a line that should be perfect. Keep in mind that it does not come with an integrated mat, so, although a priori these wheels should not scratch the ground, you should be a bit careful if you plan to make trips.

Technical characteristics of the MSI MAG CH120 X

Dimensions 66 x 68 x 131 cm
Weight 20.2 kg
Colour Black with red details
Supported weight 150 kg
Material Skin
Seat size 52 x 52.5 cm
Piston Class 4 gas lift piston
  • Steel structure
  • High density foam
  • Lumbar cushion
  • Cervical cushion
  • Swivel castors with lock

Availability and price of the MSI MAG CH120 X

The MSI MAG CH120 X, as you will see, is not cheap at all, but you have to understand that we are dealing with a premium product focused on a high-end range. In return, each euro invested is more than justified, since it really is a chair that will give us the best comfort, durability and with a series of extras, such as the 4D armrest or the locking wheels, that really make the experience well worth it.

You have to be clear that the outlay is going to be important, so it is important that if you buy it, it is because you really spend many hours sitting on it, either playing video games, working or streaming.

And if you want to see other options, do not miss the MSI MAG CH130.

  • 4D armrest
  • Resistant and robust
  • Backrest reclining up to 180º
  • Premium materials
  • Silent wheels with lock
  • Resists up to 150 kg
  • Very comfortable
  • With lumbar and cervical cushion
  • Good value for money
  • It has no footrest
  • Does not have a mat for the wheels
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