Newskill Atmosphere, gaming lamp with more than 350 light effects

newskill atmosphere 3.png
newskill atmosphere 3.png

The gaming world never ceases to amaze us. If you thought that all the equipment you can have for your games is a computer (or console), a keyboard, a mouse and headphones, you are very wrong. Today there is already a whole ecosystem around this name “gaming”, from chairs to tables, through mats, mobiles or even clothing. The last cry to mount a set up to the height are the gaming lamps. If you’ve never heard of them, with this model you will learn more about these types of products. The Newskill Atmosphere It is a very easy to install RGB standing light that will help you take your gaming experience to the next level.

Do you want to know more about her? In this article we are going to review the characteristics of the Newskill Atmosphere, its advantages and also its disadvantages and where you can buy it today at the best price.

Newskill Atmosphere design

At first glance, you might think that this new product from Newskill it’s just a lamp. And you are not very misguided, the only thing, we cannot say that it is “only” a lamp. Is a floor lampYes, but with many more functionalities than those of the most basic and traditional models.

It has dimensions of 40 x 142 cm and a weight of 2 kg. It is built in iron and aluminum, so it is quite resistant. Its main characteristic is that it is capable of emitting LED light with 358 color effects and represent a total of 16 million colors. It has several lighting modes (which we will see later) and can be customized.

For mounting you will not need additional tools or complicate yourself with very difficult processes. Not at all, in a few minutes you will have it ready.

A lamp with customizable color effects

As you can see in the video that we have left you in the upper part, this lamp fits perfectly in any environment, but what makes it special is its surname “gaming”, achieved thanks to the RGB color effects.

Newskill Atmosphere

Let’s look at this now in more detail. This Newskill Atmosphere has 358 color effects, 16 million colors Y four lighting modes (multicolor, monochrome, gradient and random colors). Within this, we can customize brightness, speed and colors (red, yellow, blue, green, sky blue and purple), creating an environment in our room that fits just with what we want. It doesn’t matter if you are playing online, streaming or simply having a few beers at home with friends, the Newskill lamp will be able to accompany you with the best atmosphere. Its immersive effect gets you fully into your games, but it also accompanies you at your parties or even while watching your favorite movies on Netflix or relaxing on the couch reading a novel.

With remote control and power off memory

You can modify practically all the details of your lighting, but, to make it easier for you, it has a power off memory. What is this for? Very easy. Every time you turn on the lamp it will turn you on with the last light configuration you had. If you always use the same one, it will be very easy to use it, since you will only have to press a button, but this also comes in handy if you are changing effects and you have just tried the perfect configuration for your party tomorrow. Leave everything ready and when the guests arrive you will only have to turn it on. You can control it with the physical switch or with the remote control, from where you will manage the rest of the effects.

Newskill Atmosphere

Is this investment worth it?

You may be wondering how worth buying a gaming lamp like this is. But let’s give it a twist. Lighting for your home you are going to buy, right? So it’s not crazy that, instead of a traditional lamp, you buy this one. It is true that it is more expensive than the simplest models, but it does not require a budget that leaves you without eating the rest of the month. Its value for money is quite good and, with a little effort for this extra, you will have a very complete lamp, which will help you have the best light.

And it is that although the surname gaming makes us think of it as an explosion of lights changing at a frantic pace, nothing is further from reality. Yes, you can adjust it like this if you want, but you can also opt for another more relaxing setting and, in short, what you will achieve is that you can personalize your home to the point of also choosing how you want the light at all times, whether we talk about colors, brightness, speed or effects.

Technical characteristics of the Newskill Atmosphere

Newskill Atmosphere
Dimensions 40 x 142 cm
Weight 2 kg
Guy Floor lamp
Main Materials Iron and aluminum
Millions of colors 16
Color effects 358
Brightness control Yes
Speed ​​control Yes
Mounting No additional tools
Physical switch Yes
Remote control Yes
Power off memory Yes

Newskill Atmosphere availability and pricing

The Newskill Atmosphere is a gaming lamp that offers us new possibilities, which perhaps until now you had not considered. In addition, it is useful both for your games, if you want a more active environment, as if what you want is a small relaxing light when you are reading, studying or simply resting at home. Its remote control and its power-off memory are other advantages, so its price is justified and it can be a good investment for your home, even if playing is not your priority.

And if you want to know more news about the brand, we invite you to see the Newskill Osiris, a gaming chair recently launched on the market.

  • More than 350 sound effects
  • More than 16 million colors
  • Fully customizable
  • It will serve you for all kinds of situations
  • Good mark
  • Good value for money
  • Very simple assembly
  • Weighs just
  • Resistant
  • Has remote control
  • Has power off memory
  • Not available in other more compact sizes
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