Nitro Concepts D16E, new table to set up your gaming room

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Nitro Concepts D16e.jpg

There is no better complement to have a great battleroom than a table gaming. A novelty that reaches the market in this type of products is the Nitro Concepts D16E. The best point in its favor is the electric height adjustment.

Nitro Concepts D16E, the table to play at ease

With the seal Nitro concepts, from the German distributor Caseking, we are presented with an essential accessory today for gamers. We talk about the table gaming Nitro Concepts D16E. An option, that without the fanfare or flourishes of other companies, aims to give the perfect support to the gamers for your gaming and entertainment systems.

Product characteristics

The table has a stylish design sober, leaving the current trend loaded with lighting and futuristic shapes. Possibly this is a factor that detracts from the product, since the gamers They greatly appreciate that all their accessories look with some type of RGB lighting. However, the nice thing about this table is that it allows the user to electrically adjust the height. Operation that is as simple as pressing the buttons on the board to place the position between a minimum of 71 cm and a maximum of 121 cm.

Nitro Concepts D16E

Nitro Concepts D16E

The D16E, with carbon presence, has measures of 160 cm long for 80 cm wide, and a weight of 19.4 kg. Dimensions that allow the user to place the setup complete, including a large tower, monitor and other peripherals. In addition, its robustness, guaranteed with the board of MDF, medium density fibropanel with plastic coating, ensures that everything stays in place. Counting that it is sustained on some stupendous steel legs, it comes prepared to bear loads of up to 70 kilograms.

Other details of the table

Nitro Concepts D16E

Point out that the table includes a micro-fabric mat; stand to place the headphones; and has three cable glands to manage the power supply of the devices on it with solvency. The Nitro Concepts D16E It is served in two color versions. One completely in black, and another with him red outline. The recommended retail price is 389 euros.

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