Sharkoon Skiller SGD1, a good gaming table at a good price.

Sharkoon Skiller Sgd1 Cabecera.jpg
Sharkoon Skiller Sgd1 Cabecera.jpg

The Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 It is a robust and resistant gaming desk that will also double as a reliable work table. Take a look at this Sharkoon table and don’t miss out on everything it has to offer.

We talk about the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1

The Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 is a gaming table characterized by being sturdy and serve as both a gaming desk and an office desk. Among its main characteristics we find that it presents a modern style adapted to current gaming aesthetics and, in addition, it is also a table that boasts real functionality for gamers, which means that its value is not only aesthetic.

From the surface of the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 it must be said that it is long enough for you to install your essential equipment. It also has some ergonomic and beveled edges to ensure comfortable playability or good posture while working in long sessions. With his integrated cable management system It is also possible to guarantee the order in all the peripherals, so that you can enjoy an organized space adapted to your management needs so that you feel your space is your own.

Sharkoon Skiller SGD1

Continuing with its appearance, the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 features a sporty design and it is designed for those gamers who want to show off a personal style. Also, as it is black at its base with blue, it is also ideal for workspaces, since it is powerful design at the same time as professional. Also, if you like the SKILLER brand, it will combine perfectly with other peripherals of this brand.

We can also say that the surface design is smart and this is due to the beveled edges that we mentioned earlier, since they are designed to offer rest for the wrists and hands, something very necessary so that we can play and work in good conditions. In this way, working and playing will be very comfortable and we will enjoy our chores and leisure time to the maximum. At the same time, the protruding elements on each side offer a very convenient elbow support, which is usually an area that we tend to neglect and that is essential for the support and support of the arms, as well as the base so that our wrists can function in the best way and thus avoid injuries or unwanted damages and that they can withdraw us from our play or work session.

As we have already announced, the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 brings a cable management system that is very practical and that, once you know it, you will not be able to do without it. Every gaming and work space worth its salt will have various peripherals, in addition to the central equipment, to have all the accessories and tools within reach and thusVitar that we have to move or move if we need something. The problem comes when all the peripheral cables cannot be organized, resulting in an uncomfortable tangle and, it must be said, dangerous, because having the cables poorly organized and lying on the ground can lead to accidents that we do not want.

Sharkoon Skiller SGD1

With all this, the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1, as we say, has a system of very practical cable management and that we can find at the bottom from the desk itself and in the hole at the back of it. In these locations we can leave the cables of our equipment and other peripherals, always keeping them organized and out of sight and, very importantly, the reach of anyone who sits or uses your desk. In addition, it is important to note that the cable management system of this table can be fixed, if so or you need it, in either of the two directions, so in addition to being practical, it will be very versatile.

Finally, and taking into account its appearance and construction, the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 is a robust gaming table, but in turn adjustable, which means that you can adjust it based on your height needs so that you are much more comfortable. In fact it comes equipped with its legs made of steel and that they are the ones that give it robustness, while guaranteeing a high degree of stability, very important in desks of this type. This stability is also given because its structure is triangular, but to this we also have to add that so that you can enjoy a safe support on uneven floors, since not in all places one is in a smooth space, the table feet, as we say, can be adjusted in height, so we will always maintain a balanced posture.

And since we like you to know at a glance the benefits of the products that we show you, here is the list of the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1:

  • Black and blue gaming desk.
  • Desk made of wood with scratch-resistant surface and adjustable legs made of steel.
  • It can support a maximum weight of 50 kg and assembly requires assembly.
  • Desk dimensions (length x width x height): 140 x 70 x 78 cm
  • It brings a set of adjustable table feet, mounting screws, hexagonal Allen key and its corresponding manual to carry out the assembly.

Sharkoon Skiller SGD1

Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 Features

Sharkoon Skiller SGD1
Color: Black / blue
Desk Material: Wood
Scratch resistant surface: Yes
Legs Material: Steel
Max. weight capacity: 50 kg
Assembly required: Yes
Dimensions (L x W x H): 140 x 70 x 78 cm
Weight: 28.5 kg
Package contents: SKILLER SGD1
Set of adjustable table feet.
Mounting bolts
Hex Allen key

Opinions from the Sharkoon Skiller SGD1

The Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 has a good value for money and it is a gaming table that stands out for being robust and because its legs can be adjusted in height for greater user comfort. However, and although it is advertised as a work table, its blue color may be out of tune a bit for this function and the shape of the board does not make it much easier to organize the desk if you want to put enough items on it.

Sharkoon Skiller SGD1

Sharkoon Skiller SGD1 availability and price

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  • Good value for money.
  • Robust and resistant.

  • The shape of the table is not as ergonomic as advertised.

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