Talius Warship X1, a beautiful and robust gaming table

talius warship x1 cabecera.jpg
talius warship x1 cabecera.jpg

With a table like the Talius Warship X1 Your setup will stand out from the rest, showing off personality and design. Join us to learn more about this interesting Talius gaming table that will give your game room the style and presence you have always sought.

What is the Talius Warship X1

In addition to the typical equipment and peripherals that are needed to start dedicating yourself to the gaming world in a professional way, furniture, such as the Talius Warship X1, is no less important, since they will not only give you the aesthetic you are looking for. playroom, but are also designed to facilitate and improve play sessions.

One of these furniture that has great importance in setups are gaming tables. Unlike the desks, they come with different features that make playing much more comfortable, since they allow you to place your equipment and your peripherals.

Also, in addition to their robustness and hardness, many of these tables have lighting effects that they will give you even more personality to your setup. For example, the gaming table that we will talk about today will allow you to enjoy your games at a higher level, as you will see that its design, while effective, impresses.

Talius Warship X1

Durable and impressive

The Talius Warship X1 represents a table that is undoubtedly characterized by its daring ways, which give it a personality of its own, and its finished in carbon fiber and tempered glass.

In this way, its appearance is not only professional, it is also strong and resistant, aspects necessary for the most intense hours of play. Although this is not all.

This model in particular comes with RGB LED lights with various lighting modes that give it a unique personality and that you can adjust as you want. In addition, the stand for gamepads and headphones, as well as the monitor, will be your allies when it comes to establishing your base to be the best in games.

Talius Warship X1

Features of the Talius Warship X1

Talius Warship X1
Kind: Right
Table top shape: Rectangular shape
Table material: Tempered glass
Frame Material: Steel
Frame Color: Black
Tabletop Legs Type: X legs
Product color: Black
LED backlight: Yes
Backlight Color: Multicolored
Maximum weight capacity: 60 kg
Weight and measurements
Width: 1200 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Height: 764 mm
Package weight: 30.6 kg
Package width: 1310 mm
Depth of package: 700 mm
Package height: 160 mm
Logistics data
Country of origin: Spain
Power control
Feeding: AC power, USB

Opinions from the Talius Warship X1

This gaming table It is quite good value for money. It stands out for its robust design and its LED colors on the board itself. Of course, although it brings stands for the monitor, headphones and gamepads, we miss some extras like a cup holder and a system to collect the cables.

Talius Warship X1

Availability and price of the Talius Warship X1

And if you want to continue seeing gaming tables, here we leave you another of the brand: the Talius Warship Z2.

  • Good value for money.
  • Robust and very pretty.

  • It lacks some extras like the cup holder and a system to collect the cables.

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