ThunderX3 AD7LHEX, the perfect table for the PRO gamer

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Not all Gizcomputers we have the right space to enjoy our passion. That’s why we talk to you about the table gaming ThunderX3 AD7LHEX. And it is that as we already saw with the reference Trust GXT 711 Dominus, more and more brands are deciding to offer such special and specific accessories. Why deny it, all gamers we aspire to have a battleroom, the more personalized and perfect the better, that immerses us 200% in the virtual universes that do not make us live endless adventures. In the following sections we are going to discover each of the details of a table that has been created to satisfy the video game player.

Design and construction of the ThunderX3 AD7LHEX gaming table

The attractive reference gaming AD7LHEX manufacturer ThunderX3, are presented as a table designed and created to meet the maximum satisfaction of the needs of the enthusiastic user of computer games. As the company is used to, the piece has great finishes premium, and each of its details is designed to provide the greatest comfort to its users. And it is that there are a few characteristics for which the product stands out, and that make it stand out well above other options, and of course compared to a standard computer desk table.

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX

The ThunderX3 AD7LHEX is a table designed for video game enthusiasts

Materials used in the table

Nothing is more subject to wear and tear than a product focused on gamers. And we all know when we started to play, but not what time we finished. The days marathoners they are our daily bread. That is why it is essential that an element designed for this type of user ensures extreme durability and resistance.

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX

In the table gaming ThunderX3 AD7LHEX, materials of proven quality and robustness are combined, capable of enduring hours of indefatigable fun. We will start by pointing to the part on which everything revolves: the board. For the base of the desk a 25mm thick particle board, which ensures superior stability. A livelihood that allows the table to endure up to 50 kg about her. In addition, to avoid any unforeseen events, the surface has been covered in waterproof plastic that adds an extra smooth appearance and texture.

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX

The board finds itself protected by a hard Steel frame resistant to any damage, which will provide the set with greater durability. The sides also have metallic wings that keep the ends of the table.

Adjustable measures to each situation

Table gaming AD7 HEX of ThunderX3 it is sold in two versions. The reference dealt with here is the L, which refers to the size of the board, which is 160 cm. Just as garments are marked with letters that indicate their size, the manufacturer wanted to imitate the garment system. There is a smaller variant, marked with the letter M, which is 120 cm.

This product allows you to adjust its height, to play comfortably seated, or standing, in a position that keeps the legs straight while we play. Regulation is done through a digital panel integrated into the table itself. A keypad that allows you to simply activate the lock mechanism. dual TiMOTION motor and position the table top at a height between 66 cm Y 131 cm. The table has a 70 cm depth, with which there is plenty of space to arrange all the elements that make up our battle station.

Flawless style

To fit like a glove on any Battleroom, the design has taken into account the tastes and trends of the players. The table shows a color that never fails, the black. The metallic wings that we mentioned before, give it a touch of undoubted style. But it is not all. The surface of the table, in addition to being waterproof, has a fine texture which provides a precision so good to the mouse, that it is possible play without mat.

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX

Cable management

Point out that edges this ThunderX3 AD7LHEX is it so rounded, which prevents fatigue in the wrists and forearms, no matter how much we play. And let’s not forget to highlight the cable management system you have. Openings that allow the cables of the setup game in the most efficient way possible. What keeps the desk going organized to the max, and to protect the cables.

Complete RGB lighting

Like any good accessory gaming worth its salt, this table has an attractive lighting kit. It is called HEX RGB ColorLighting. Thanks to this, the user will be able to customize the style of their table, generating a unique visual experience.

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX

Offers the infinite spectrum of lights RGB with 16.8 million colors. What next to six effects (Flow; Wave; Radar; Cycle; Breathe; Solid), give a virtually unlimited result of finding your favorite style. All this in addition easily adjustable with a Remote control included.

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX

Knob for adjusting the lighting

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX gaming table technical specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details and extras of the table ThunderX3 AD7LHEX:

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX
Weight and measurements
Complete measurements (Width x Depth x Height)
  • 168 x 70 x 66 – 131 cm
  • 66.1 x 27.5 x 25.9 – 51.6 in
Board measurements (Width x Depth)
  • 160 x 70 cm
  • 63 x 27.5 in
Net weight 54.9 kg / 121 lbs
Color Black
Size L (160 cm)
Supported weight <50 kg / 110 lbs
illumination HEX (RGB colorlighting)
Control Remote control
Table materials
  • 25mm thick particle board
  • Soft touch waterproof plastic surface
Table frame Powder coated steel
  • Height adjustable via dual motor mechanism
  • Digital control panel for height adjustment
Connections USB (adapter not included)
Cable length 1.8 m
Driving RGB Wireless Magnetic Remote Control
EAN 4718009150577

Conclusions, availability and price of the ThunderX3 AD7LHEX gaming table

For those who can afford it, the table ThunderX3 AD7LHEX is a great plugin for the power user, computer enthusiasts gaming, and fans of eSports. The accessory provides a fully customized surface, to make the most of the space, and play with a unique style.

ThunderX3 AD7LHEX

With the ThunderX3 AD7LHEX table playing is a premium experience

The height adjustment possibilities, as well as the customization of the lighting, make it an ideal table to find the most comfortable shape and adjusted to the personal tastes of each user.

  • Quality materials.
  • Design focused on computer gamers.
  • Great ergonomics and regulation.
  • Dimmable lighting.

  • Price.

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