ThunderX3 ED7, premium gaming table with a professional look

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Thunderx3 Ed7 Cabecera.jpg

Every gamer needs a desktop that can withstand the most intense gaming sessions, which is why today at Gizcomputer we present the ThunderX3 ED7. This ThunderX3 desk provides you with the resistance and durability that every great player looks for in a table of its characteristics.

We talk about the ThunderX3 ED7

The ThunderX3 ED7 is a gaming desk which is specially designed so that you can perform to the maximum in your gaming sessions and, also, in a very comfortable way, since with this table you can set the battle station of your dreams Thanks to its carbon fiber style finish, its sleek and futuristic design and its professional appearance, designed for big gamers and to turn your room into a true gaming base.

Likewise, this desk conforms to the standard of gaming chairs on the market, so it will be very easy for you to adjust it to your needs and for you to sit when you really play in a gaming room. With the ThunderX3 ED7, you transform your setup into the ultimate battle station to take command and conquer your enemies with style and professionalism. In fact, because it comes equipped with a dual motor mechanism, the ThunderX3 ED7 is fully adjustable so you can adapt it to your preferred height or the one you need, from a minimum height of 73 cm up to a maximum of 123 cm. All you have to do is sit back and relax or make the most of this feature to stretch out while you play.

ThunderX3 ED7

At another point, we see that it has a digital control panel on the front of the own desk that is the one that will help you to establish the height that you want. With it you can set the height quickly and easily, both up and down with a quick and practical click of the button until you find the one that best suits you. Also, your Carbon tab style finish it gives you an elegant look on top, as well as a futuristic look worthy of the most modern desks.

And since design isn’t everything, you’ll be interested to know that the ThunderX3 ED7 also offers superior ergonomics for the best all-day comfort. This is because it is built by maintaining a ergonomic and friendly design, which means that it is a very comfortable desk so that the user can stay relaxed and with a good posture while playing. In fact, its dual motor mechanism allows a optimal positioning at all times, ensuring you maintain a healthy posture while playing.

Another interesting feature that the ThunderX3 ED7 has is that it comes equipped with a full surface game pad. This means that you will be able to use the mouse on the entire surface and it will give you an additional boost to your gaming performance, as well as providing additional padding for your elbows, forearms and wrists, something very important to maintain the health and well-being of these areas. But this is not all. The ThunderX3 ED7 also allows you a effective cable management of your devicesas it comes with a convenient cable management tray on the bottom that allows efficient cable management, keeping cables and desk organized at all times. The desktop’s built-in cable grommets provide a quick and easy solution for organizing your cables.

ThunderX3 ED7

And as in any large desktop the details are important, in the ThunderX3 ED7 we can find a cup holder under table. This serves to always stay hydrated while playing, especially if you are going to have a long gaming session. With this practical cup holder located under the desk, on the right side, its access is quick and easy, so you will always have your drinks close at hand. Besides, we can also see that its feet are adjustable on the desk legs to help you keep your balance at all times.

Also, the ThunderX3 ED7 is built to lastPremium materials have been used to build a robust and sturdy gaming desk built with a steel frame that provides durability and support you can trust. As you can see, having the ThunderX3 ED7 in your room has many advantages and so that you can see them all easily and quickly, here we leave them in a list taken from the product’s own website:

  • Carbon fiber-style finish provides a futuristic look and feel.
  • Ergonomically friendly design keeps you comfortable and relaxed.
  • Adjustable feet on the desk legs for balance.
  • Cable grommets for convenient cable management.
  • Cable management tray for efficient cable management.
  • Equipped with a convenient under-desk headphone hanger.
  • The sturdy steel frame provides increased durability.

ThunderX3 ED7

ThunderX3 ED7 Features

ThunderX3 ED7
Broad: 1120 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Height: 750 mm
Desktop Board Size (W x L): 1120 x 600 mm
Weight: 18 kg
Kind: Right
Table top shape: Rectangular shape
Table material: Particle Boards
Frame Material: Steel
Table top finish material: Of plastic
Frame Color: Black
Table Color: Black
Product color: Black
Maximum weight capacity: 50 kg

Opinions from the ThunderX3 ED7

The ThunderX3 ED7 is a nice gaming desk which is made with quality materials, presents a modern and futuristic appearance and can also be adjusted in height to adapt to the needs of each player. It also has some features of this type of desk such as cable management, but its price is higher than in other models.

ThunderX3 ED7

Availability and pricing of the ThunderX3 ED7

But if you are looking for an even more striking table with even LED lighting, here we leave you another gaming desk of the brand: the ThunderX3 AD7LHEX.

  • Cup holders under the desk.
  • Resistant and made of good materials.
  • Height adjustable according to the player’s needs.

  • High price.

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