Gigabyte BRIX Ryzen 5000U, the new miniPCs with WiFi 6E

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gigabyte brix ryzen 5000u.jpg

The Gigabyte BRIX Ryzen 5000U are the latest proposal of the manufacturer to renew its acquaintances mini-PC coming this year 2021. With the power of the new cores of AMD, the modern graphics and the more advanced connectivity, is an interesting proposal for users looking for performance in the minimum possible space.

Gigabyte BRIX Ryzen 5000U, miniPCs for 2021

The always innovative company Gigabyte has released its new BRIX mini-PC. Some devices that improve their performance by incorporating the new Ryzen 5000U CPU from 8 cores, GPU Vega Y WiFi 6E.

About Gigabyte’s new mini computers

Not long ago Gigabyte featured a new line of mini-PC under the brand BRIX. These compact teams jumped to the market with, at that time, new processors AMD Ryzen 4000U in an ultra-compact design.

Gigabyte BRIX Ryzen 5000U

Gigabyte BRIX Ryzen 5000U

Well, according to the manufacturer, the time has come to present a new generation of those teams. The product sports a new look, and of course, the specifications have been completely updated, starting from a Ryzen 5000U CPU from 8 cores (16 wires) with GPU Vega integrated.

MiniPCs Features

These compact desktop computers have measures of 44 x 134 x 139 mm. Point out that the new BRIX have an electrical consumption TDP from 15 watts and admit up to 64 GB from memory DDR4-3200 RAM having two slots SODIMM. For the storage section a port is included M.2 2280 and other SATA 3.0 for 2.5 inch drives.

Gigabyte BRIX Ryzen 5000U

The device highlights its connectivity, by integrating a large number and variety of ports: a couple of HDMI 2.0; a mini DIsplayPort; USB-C with functionality DisplayPort; a USB-C standard; 5 USB 3.2 Type-A; link 2.5 Gbps Ethernet; headphone output. It also includes the new WiFi 6E in the band of 6 GHz. Neither does it lack connectivity Bluetooth 5.0. In addition, it offers the option of adding a port RS-232; a second connector Ethernet; and two M.2 2280 additional for both discs SSD extra.

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