ASUS VP349CGL, ultra-wide gaming monitor with QHD resolution

asus vp349cgl.jpg
asus vp349cgl.jpg

The brand new Asus VP349CGL It is the latest proposal in monitors for gamers from the Asian company. A screen ultra panoramic, which not only boasts a high resolution, also from the fast frequency reaching the panel.

ASUS VP349CGL, immerse yourself in content at full speed

The brand Asus adds a new reference to your monitor template to gamers. It’s about the model VP349CGL whose good virtues for the game will be highly appreciated by the sector gaming.

Product characteristics

The company bets on this occasion for a product in ultra-wide for gamers who want a large visual playing surface. So the VP349CGL It has a large panel, of type IPS, with a diagonal of 34 inches and aspect ratio 21: 9. This screen allows you to enjoy a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels.

Asus VP349CGL

Asus VP349CGL

Aesthetically it is quite a monitor sober. Aspect austere and design simple, it lacks the artifice of RGB LED lighting systems, and even any hint of color. So sport a clean back of color black, without any add-ons.

ASUS VP349CGL Features

From the technical specifications of the monitor, it is worth highlighting, above the rest, the refresh rate of 100 Hz, with a response time of 1 millisecond. The panel reaches a maximum brightness of 350 cd / m2, and offers a contrast ratio of 1,000: 1. The screen has the ability to capture 16.7 million colors, and its horizontal and vertical viewing angles are typical of 178 °. In addition, this model is compatible with HDR10.

Asus VP349CGL

This model also supports synchronization technologies Adaptive-Sync and FreeSync. Of course, it has advancements to reduce the harmful effect of blue light and anti-image flicker technology. Finally, its connectivity has a port HDMI 2.0; a port DisplayPort 1.2; a port USB Type C with 15 watt load capacity; and a headphone jack. As a bonus, the monitor has two speakers integrated of 2 watts power.

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