Lamptron HM101, compact display for PC monitoring

Lamptron Hm101.jpg
Lamptron Hm101.jpg

The compact panel Lamptron HM101 is an interesting device, developed by the German company Lamps electronics Co., Ltd and manufactured in its workshops in China, for any user who needs to monitor the operation of the key components of the computer.

Lamptron HM101, on-screen performance monitoring

The screen Lamptron it is finally released in Europe. A monitor, with reference HM101, which allows us to view in real time the status of the key components of the Pc. It is a small device that is attached to the computer, and that graphically shows the statistics of the equipment.

Product characteristics

The manufacturer gives us a device made up of a panel IPS of 10.1 inch. This screen reaches a resolution Full HD, that is, of 1920 x 1080 pixels to 60 – 75 Hz. For the function that has been designed, system monitoring, uses AIDA64, analysis tool (frequencies, use of CPU, GPU, of the memory RAM, storage units, temperature, date, time, and more). Therefore, the user can be aware of all the details of the equipment to which he connects in real time.

Lamptron HM101

Lamptron HM101

This accessory can be attached to landscape or in vertical, adjusting to the needs of each desk. What’s more, includes bracket for a perfect installation, which allows it to be placed on the table, on the wall or on the side of the chassis. Product dimensions are 242 x 160 x 12.5 mm, and has a colored frame black.

More details about Lamptron HM101 monitor

The device ensures easy installation and use, exemplified in its power supply, which only requires a simple port USB. The display connects to the equipment through the interface HDMI. The display offers a viewing angle of 178º.

Lamptron HM101

The Lamptron HM101 arrives in Europe at a price of around 179.95 euros, and it is expected that before the end of February it will be available in our territory.

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