New AOC G1 curved monitors

Aoc G1.jpg
Aoc G1.jpg

AOC, the prestigious manufacturer and world leader in advanced technology monitors for computers, has announced a new series of products, the AOC G1. Curved panels capable of expanding and offering an incomparable immersive experience. Highlighting the new line for its affordable prices and good specifications, they offer a sober design with very thin bezels.

The new AOC G1 monitors, to play like never before

The new series AOC G1 It consists of a total of four references:

  • 32-inch QHD monitor (CQ32G1)
  • 32-inch FHD monitor (C32G1)
  • 27-inch FHD monitor (C27G1)
  • 24-inch FHD monitor (C24G1)

Family characteristics

The Serie G1 comes to offer the user an immersive gaming experience. Counting for such a claim with resolutions of Full HD Y QHD, as well as curvatures 1800R, which in the case of C24G1 come down at 1500R. To provide the smoothest and most fluid gaming experience possible, it has a refresh rate of 144Hz, synchronization technology AMD FreeSync and a response time of only 1 ms.


The curved design style looks attractive with hardly any frames. This is partly thanks to slim bezels that surround the top and sides of these new monitors. This increases the user’s viewing sensation and facilitates fit when creating. multi-monitor setups. And it is that by placing several monitors the gamer achieves an unrivaled widescreen presentation, very useful in broadcasting on Twitch or to watch other content while playing at the same time.

Other details of the G1


Let’s not forget other advances that are available in the new monitors AOC G1. They have the technology FlickerFree of the company, which reduces blinking and consequently eye strain. Long gaming sessions with technology AOC Flicker-Free they cause less impact on the eyes, with less fatigue during games. The C27G1 is for sale for a price of $ 279.99. The models C24G1, C32G1 Y CQ32G1 are expected for later with prices of 229.99, 299.99 Y 399.99 dollars respectively.

Via | techpowerup