The new AMD Radeon RX 500 arrive in mid-April

Amd Radeon 1.jpg
Amd Radeon 1.jpg

Various sources have indicated, in past days, that AMD delayed the launch of its graphic family AMD Radeon RX 500 two weeks from the date initially set. Initially, on April 4, the Radeon RX 580 Y Radeon RX 570, and on April 11 the Radeon RX 560 Y Radeon RX 550. However the launch has been postponed for the April 18th, without specifying the models.

AMD Radeon RX 500 with Polaris 20, Polaris 21 and Polaris 12

The next AMD Radeon RX 500 will use graphics processors AMD Polaris 20, AMD Polaris 21 Y AMD Polaris 12 although they will be renamed. Thus the silicon Polaris 10 XT would be called Polaris 20 XTX, the Polaris 10 PRO would be called Polaris 20 XL, and the Polaris 11 be Polaris 21.

This new nomenclature indicates that AMD has manufactured such graphics processors using a manufacturing process of 14nm FinFET LPP (Lower Power Plus) vs. original 14nm FinFET LPE (Low Power Early). Which translates into performance optimizations and higher speeds.

AMD Radeon

VEGA 10 will be on 7 AMD graphics cards

AMD will stand up to the launches of Nvidia (like the GTX 1080TI) with an assortment of graphics cards. That is what is intuited in the latest drivers of AMD for Linux, they have started adding initial graphics support Radeon RX VEGA architecture-based GFX9.

AMD Radeon

In this way it is revealed that they will be released at least seven graphs silicon-based VEGA 10. The new architecture requires 40,000 lines of code and the support consists of a new interface of BIOS, new intellectual property for hardware, support for video decoding using UVD (UVD 7.0), support for encoding using VCE (VCE 4.0), medium 3D through Radeon YES, energy management, full screen support using DC, and support for virtualization SR-IOV.

Along with the seven graphs VEGA 10 (its highest performance silicon), in addition to seven other silicon-based graphics Polaris 12, which will give life to low-mid-range graphics chips.