AM4 motherboard shortage, a new controversy

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The new processor AMD faces another pitfall. To the already known performance problems caused by windows 10 and the BIOS of the AM4 motherboards, a new problem is added. And it is that the fervent users who wish to assemble or buy a computer based on a processor AMD Ryzen 7, they will have it difficult to find AM4 motherboards. No matter which manufacturer you are looking for: Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte or MSI, they all sell out when they hit stores.

The controversy over the shortage of AM4 motherboards

The company’s official explanation for this stock limitation has been through a statement where they argue that it is all due to the strong demand for their new platform. In the words of John taylor, Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Marketing AMD:

AMD is pleased with the enthusiasm for Ryzen and the strong worldwide demand for Ryzen 7. Demand for Ryzen 7 exceeds the initial expectations of our motherboard manufacturing partners. Our partners are rapidly increasing shipments, and we expect a sufficient supply of motherboards in a few weeks.

AM4 motherboards

However, this explanation has not been much to the liking of motherboard manufacturers. Just read the text that has been leaked as the opinion of a anonymous motherboard manufacturer, where this representative of the sector makes a clear statement stating that it’s all AMD’s fault.

In my opinion, everything is due to a poor coordination, bad communication, bad support and bad moment to launch this platform. With all these problems, none of us could start making the motherboards on time. Also, in January and February, all motherboard vendors’ production lines were busy with motherboards from the series Intel 200 (Kaby Lake) before the Chinese New Year and they tried to ship as many motherboards as possible to make sure there were no stock issues while Asia was on New Years holidays.

At the end of December, AMD decided to give the release date (was scheduled for the end of Q2) and released it just after Chinese New Year, but AMD kept the supply quantity of CPUs all this time. They only shared the data two weeks before launch, we didn’t understand why they did it. In addition, your team of BIOS and engineers they were doing a horrible job of supporting us with BIOS microcode updates, driver updates, or offering their own CPUs to perform the first tests.

They have done nothing what they should have done to support platform partners during launch and always they were late or did not give an answer to support requests. We were all having huge problems for polishing motherboards with limited resource support from AMD, including validation of parts, and setting the clock speed of RAM memory.

In general, it has been too long without launching a CPU for one AMD, so he forgot how to do it, so he launched the CPU just like they were releasing graphics cards. They didn’t care about the platform’s ecosystem, so the ecosystem is suffering and stocks are lagging.

We are flying in receiving new batches every 3 days to try to fulfill orders as soon as possible so they should all be in stock shortly. With all the reviews already published, and the memory problems that it is presenting AMD, sales are slowing down.

Which goes to say that AMD has launched the platform Ryzen in a hurry and that the manufacturers of AM4 motherboards have seen how AMD has ignored them when offering support. Arrived to the point that the engineering team has not assisted them to update the microcode of the BIOS, motivating that all current motherboards are affected by a BIOS unstable that directly affects the performance of the computer by not recognizing the memory speed well RAM.