Antec HCG Gold power supplies available

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Power supplies can be found available for a few days Antec High Current Gamer Gold, HCG Gold.

HCG Gold, Antec High Current Gamer Gold power supplies

Antec has announced the distribution of a new family of power supplies High Current Gamer Gold, better known as HCG Gold. However, this announcement is relatively news, since the product has been available for some time, practically a couple of weeks, for sale in our country.

HCG Gold

HCG Gold font models

The new family of products is made up of three models, with a power scald that go as follows:

  • 650 W
  • 750 W
  • 850 W

These powerful power supplies stand out, as their trade name indicates, from the energy certificate 80 Plus Gold. This ensures energy efficiency of up to 92 percent.

HCG Gold details

All new models share the Active PFC. They have the magnificent 100% Japanese capacitors, which gives them high efficiency at low and high load. They also share LLC design server-class with technology-based synchronous rectification DC-DC.

They also include a additional capacitor located at the end of the wiring harness 12v. This prevents voltage drops due to sudden peaks in demand. And it is that said capacitor provides an additional energy reserve when necessary. The fully modular cabling design could not be missing. It is essential to keep the system clean and promote air flow.

HCG Gold

Other important data

Power supplies Antec High Current Gamer Gold, HCG Gold, have a fan 120 mm high air flow, low noise. Of course, it is an element of great durability and longevity. The fan features the mode Zero RPM, that is, it does not rotate until the source reaches a certain temperature or a certain level of charge.

HCG Gold

Models 650 W, 750 W Y 850 W of power have a respective price of 100, 113 Y 133 euros. They are products guaranteed by 10 years.

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