Antec NeoECO Platinum, new range of modular sources

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antec neoeco platinum.png

The Antec NeoECO Platinum are a range of high-end fonts launched to meet the needs of extreme computers. A series of products that guarantee exceptional performance and excellent stability for the Pc desktop that makes use of them.

Antec NeoECO Platinum, fully modular sources

The well-known company Antec announces the launch of a new series of power supplies. It’s about the range NeoECO Platinum. A complete repertoire of models that by name already anticipates some of the properties they offer.

Product characteristics

As indicated by the commercial name of the sources, we find a range of components with 80 Plus Platinum energy certificate. This indicates that the power supplies of this series offer an energy efficiency of up to 94%.

Antec NeoECO Platinum

Antec NeoECO Platinum

The product of Antec presents a fully modular design, so the user is free to use only the necessary wiring. The result is a total cleanliness in the assembly, and great adaptability of the configuration. The brand new series of fountains is made up of three models: 650, 750 Y 850 W power.

More details of power supplies

All models in the range have a 120mm PWM fan with a design Zero RPM for your cooling system. So when the function is activated, it only turns the fan when the source has a high temperature or reaches a high load usage. In office work, or simple leisure, such as watching movies, the noise level of the system is minimal.

Antec NeoECO Platinum

Power supplies Antec NeoECO Platinum have Active PFC, and have all the protections of the market (OCP / OVP / UVP / SCP / OPP / OTP / Yep / NLO). They have a single + 12v line: 54A that of 650 W; 62A in that of 750 W; Y 70A for that of 850 W. In addition, they include 4 (650 W) to 6 connectors (850 W) PCI-Express 6 + 2 for the GPU. These new models go on the market for € 135, € 145 Y € 165 respectively. All offer an extended warranty of 7 years.

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