EVGA SuperNOVA P6, new family of high-end power supplies

evga supernova p6.png
evga supernova p6.png

With the reference EVGA SuperNOVA P6 A complete new range of high-performance power supplies for advanced systems is released. Some products that are distinguished by the seal 80 Plus Platinum and count on modular design.

EVGA SuperNOVA P6, excellent performance for demanding teams

The company EVGA announces the launch of a new family of high-performance power supplies. It’s all about the range SuperNOVA P6, whose features and performance ensure the best operation for extreme computers or gaming.

Product features

For the manufacture and construction of these high-performance devices, the brand uses top-quality components: 100% Japanese capacitors. This font family enjoys a full bridge design; with LLC and DC-DC resonant rectification, for perfect voltage regulation and ripple. In short, efficiency, quality and performance to hold the energy certificate 80 Plus Platinum. A distinction that guarantees the user a energy efficiency of up to 94 percent.



The cooling of its high-quality components is carried out with a ultra-quiet 135mm fan. This item is not activated until the source reaches 40% load. Point out that the 100% load of the source the loudness touches its ceiling with up to 35 dBA.

More details of the sources

The manufacturer adds all the energy protections on the market, for maximum security: OVP (Over Voltage Protection); UVP (Under Voltage Protection); OCP (Over Current Protection); Dual OPP (Over Power Protection); SCP (Short Circuit Protection); Y OTP (Over Temperature Protection).


It should not be forgotten that these power supplies EVGA SuperNOVA P6 have the advantageous modular design. In addition, they have the flat wiring, which facilitates a better flow of internal air in the system. The sources have a unique and powerful line of + 12v. Users have to choose between models of 650W power (54.1A); 750W (62.5A); 850W (70.8A); Y 1000W (83.3A). All with a 10 year warranty.

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