New Enermax MaxTytan Power Supplies for Cyber ​​Miners


Day if, day too, the news of the cryptocurrencies and the cyber-mining flood the networks. That is why manufacturers rub their hands with this rising market. Now they are new MaxTytan, power supplies Enermax special for this lucrative sector, those that are presented.

And it is that the mining of virtual currencies continues to attract innumerable users, eager to get involved in this new el dorado.

New Enermax MaxTytan power supplies

The news Enermax MaxTytan, they will be versions of power supplies specifically designed to be operating continuously in a mining rig of cryptocurrencies. Various models are expected. Different versions, including a model of 1050W and another with a maximum power output of 1250W. These sources have a large number of current connectors 6 + 2 pins for graphics cards. Something essential. Well, mining cryptocurrencies use the GPU to do the math. Therefore, all these systems designed to search for those precious virtual gold bars, use a large number of graphic cards to fulfill their tasks.


More details

These new versions of Enermax MaxTytan they will also include an electricity consumption meter. Another especially important element for setting up a mining farm. Well, this allows the option of knowing the profitability of the mining system. They will also include a button, whose function is when activated to trigger the rotation of the fan at full turning power. Move at full speed to avoid overheating, which saves the farm from going up in flames.

It is not wrong to repeat how important energy efficiency is when you want to make money from mining cybernetics. So these sources are certified 80 Plus Titanium. The sale price of these sources has not yet been released. Another detail is essential to know for sure if they will be profitable for their purpose.

Via | techpowerup