New NZXT E Series Power Supplies

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Series E De Nzxt.jpg

NZXT, expand your catalog with the new E series. Power supplies modular of varied power manufactured by Seasonic.

NZXT E Series, the Power Supplies for Every System

NZXT continues with its unstoppable proposal of accessories Pc. Now he announces the launch of a whole new family of power supplies. In this way, the E series.

NZXT E Series

Proven quality and reliability

The brand is known for its refrigeration systems and storage boxes. Pc, many of them adorned with lighting RGB. To inaugurate its range of power supplies, it turned to Seasonic, a prestigious manufacturer of these products in the sector.

Features of the new Series

The font family AND they offer the most interesting features. One of the highlights is having the energy certificate 80 Plus Gold. But the question is not left alone in this. The design is fully modular. Nor does it skimp on its construction, integrating high quality components. A proof of this is the use of Japanese capacitors at 105ºC.

NZXT E Series

Points such as security have not been neglected. So the E series have all the energy protections From the market. Likewise, thanks to his USB connectivity and through the CAM software, the user has the possibility of monitoring the system consumption in real time or the voltage of the 3.3v, 5v and 12v lines.

More details

The family NZXT E Series goes on sale in three power versions: 500W, 650W Y 850W. The brand ensures quiet performance. At power loads less than 100W does not use the fan. As energy demand increases, the cooling system is regulated to rotate at the minimum necessary revolutions. And it is that several profiles are included, for example silent mode or Performance mode.

NZXT E Series

They are a recommended product for all types of configurations, including Multi-GPU. By counting on the reliability of the seal Seasonic the warranty is 10 years. At the moment the NZXT E500, E650 Y E850 are distributed in the United States at prices of 124.99, 139.99 Y $ 149.99 respectively.

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